The Odyssey of a Squid


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Ninja Squid
Hey! Who stole my diary and posted my writings in The 'Shroom?! smh

Anyway, hello my 'Shroom folks. This is your resident ninja, Ninja Squid, coming in with one of the 'Shroom's brand new section "The Odyssey of a Squid". This section will contain Ninja Squid's travel logs during his adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom, and perhaps to other places as well. The concept of this section is of long-term stories, and each new section will be connected to each other (for example: Issue 168's section will be a follow-up to Issue 167).

I hope you will be looking forward to what is happening to Ninja Squid during his adventures or rather... misadventures.

For my first edition, I have just arrived in Rogueport, and made an interesting encounter. Make sure to give it a read!

In the meantime, stay fresh!

A new edition of The Odyssey of a Squid is here! This issue is also the beginning of a story arc which will last for a few issues, so expect to see some interesting characters to join me.

As for me right now, well... it's fine... probably, but I should be going better when you will be reading my section. 😉

As usual, stay fresh!

I am a Glitz Pit fighter, and my wallet has return to me, but probably not the way you might have thought. My problems are far from over, since I am now a wanted individual for somewhat silly reasons. You want to know what's going on? I invite you to read the latest edition of The Odyssey of a Squid to find out! Hope you'll enjoy it!

Take note that due to me going to be quite busy next month, there won't be a new edition of The Odyssey of a Squid in the July issue. My apologies.
On the other hand, you can expect its return in Issue 173 in August.

For the meantime, enjoy our special issue and stay fresh!

HONK! I mean, hey!

The Odyssey of a Squid is back once again! In this all-new edition, you may recognize some familiar faces along the way, while I had the opportunity of meeting with the Rogueport Restoration Committee to find a way to eliminate the rogues in Rogueport. Will Ms. Mowz's schemes work? Will I be able to prove my innocence?

In any case, make sure to give it a read to understand what the "Unmatched Flair" and the "Watchful Eyes" are planning!

Stay fresh!

Hey there,

Today in the new edition of The Odyssey of a Squid, we learn that Ms. Mowz can be a total game breaker, that there was a huge bickering in Podley's Place that fortunately did not cause severe injury to anyone aside from scaring a Bob-omb, and that Godot should avoid going into kitchens in the future.

Aside from that, I want to inform you that this will be the last edition of 2021. As I quickly approach the conclusion of my story, I want to take the time to write them down all at once, and take the time necessary to be satisfied with what I am going to write without being stressed over with deadlines. Although, expect it to return at the beginning of 2022, so it shouldn't be a long wait!

Stay fresh, folks!