The Odyssey of a Squid

Dimitri A. Blaiddyd

Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus
Core 'Shroom Staff
Poll Committee
Hey! Who stole my diary and posted my writings in The 'Shroom?! smh

Anyway, hello my 'Shroom folks. This is your resident ninja, Ninja Squid, coming in with one of the 'Shroom's brand new section "The Odyssey of a Squid". This section will contain Ninja Squid's travel logs during his adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom, and perhaps to other places as well. The concept of this section is of long-term stories, and each new section will be connected to each other (for example: Issue 168's section will be a follow-up to Issue 167).

I hope you will be looking forward to what is happening to Ninja Squid during his adventures or rather... misadventures.

For my first edition, I have just arrived in Rogueport, and made an interesting encounter. Make sure to give it a read!

In the meantime, stay fresh!