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So, apparently, Link will be more mature than ever, and there's an important reason why he's not holding a sword in the picture.

Though it is only concept art, it really does give the impression that they are changing the gameplay around in this Zelda game significantly, for the better or for the worse. I would like to see a change though.
The chances of them removing the sword altogether isn't going to happen. Miyamoto discusses the Wii Motion Plus in Sports Resort, mentioning the sword and bow movements. This is a crutial time for Nintendo to show something big with the wmp. Zelda won't be out for a while so we will have a good look at the wmp and see how great/disastrous it may be. Personally I think its going to be the tool that gets people seeing Nintendo as less childish and more serious. It will be more accurate and less waggle this or flick that.

As for the nonexistent sword though, I can see you starting the game without it and acquiring it later on. Seriously how can they rip the sword out of Links hands when they are finally giving us the chance to wield our very own. :-\
I think the like-human creature behind link will be a helper to link (like midna) or maybe is the antagonist LOL!!!
to me, it looks kind of like a zora. mabye there will be spirits like a Hylian, Zora, Oocca and more!
To be honest, I've never played a Zelda game, so I don't plan on getting the new one.
Ewok Farmer said:
the thing lady is like a spirit or something of the master sword. her design is similar to that of the master sword
Per, plus her shiny colors also suggest that she is the sword. Maybe she transforms into it or something. Reminds me of an old Teen Titians episode where this caveman used a little girl, who could turn into a hard crystal, as a weapon.

interesting info, but I won't be jumping in joy right now until nintendo confirms the information, but if this info it's true, we might be waiting a posible secuel of majora's mask