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Critic Corner:
Virtual Console Reviews:
139 (DKC2)
141 (Smash 64)
143 (SML2)
145 (Kirby's Adventure)
147 (DKJR)

Doomed Reviews:
166 (Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog)
167 (New Super Mario Bros. DS)
168 (Sonic Generations)
169 (Bugsnax)

Pipe Plaza:
Poll Committee Discussion:

Palette Swap:
Mod of the Month:
167 (Super Ball Zone)
168 (Neo Palm Tree Zone)

Fake News:
Dear Bowser:
168 (Toad #2634 / Zip Toad)
169 (Waluigi Time, Mags, etc.)
170 (Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc.)
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