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What is this board?

This board is dedicated to the Super Mario Wiki's community-driven newspaper, The 'Shroom. You can find basic information on the project here, but, to boil it down to the basics, The 'Shroom is a newspaper that comes out on a monthly basis (generally on the third Saturday of the month) that is a collection of sections submitted by users of the Super Mario Wiki and Super Mario Boards.

This board is The 'Shroom's outlet for communicating with the community on the forum, where threads are posted to announce new issue releases, to host 'Shroom-related events or games and contests organized by The 'Shroom. The stickied threads in this board provide quick references so users can find the latest issue or important information. In addition, users are free to post their own threads and hold discussions in this board, so long as those threads are clearly related to The 'Shroom.

How can I read The 'Shroom?

There is always a stickied thread at the top of this board with a link to the latest issue in the first post, but you can also always go to The 'Shroom's main page and it will take you to the most recent issue. The paper is split over multiple pages, so use the links on the main page and the navigation templates at the bottom of pages to move around within the issue. You can also take a look to the 'Shroom Creations sub-board for sections written by our many writers and contributors, and engage with them too.

Can I contribute to The 'Shroom?

Certainly, yes! As a community-run newspaper, The 'Shroom thrives on contributions from users. To contribute to the paper, you simply need to decide on what you'd like to write and send in an application that answers the following questions and includes a demo of your section (which, unless you request otherwise, will be used as your first submission if it is approved). To find more information on the sign-up process, please look at our sign-up page.

Where can I find useful information for improving my submissions?

The Manual of Style
- This page outlines the basic expectations of a submission to The 'Shroom, and provides basic information on style and formatting.

Contact Us - You can use the links on this page to get into contact with a member of the 'Shroom's staff, who can answer any questions you have or provide any assistance you need.

Can I see old editions of The 'Shroom? Is there any information on the history of the paper?

Every single issue of The 'Shroom is preserved in its entirety, and links to all of our past issues can be found in the archives. In addition, we keep the following spreadsheets which record the history of The 'Shroom's contributors and their contributions:

  • Writer History - This document will has all information on writers, including the amount of sections written per issue and team, total sections written, and SOTM awards.
  • Section History - This spreadsheet records the specific writer for each section.
  • Staff History - This one lists the composition of the Core Staff for every issue as well as summarizes the results of each 'Shroom Director Election.
  • Awards and Honors - This sheet summarizes SOTM winners.

Find here a list of old content on The 'Shroom's board that was previously hosted on Pastebin.
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