Issue 164

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Hello, all you readers of The 'Shroom! It's that time of the month. Yes, that's right! A new issue of The 'Shroom is out! It's everything you've come to expect, packed with plenty of quality sections from our wonderful writers. We also have a new Spotlight staff portrait for Alex95 and Yoshi876 (and, as a bonus, our resident Website Manager, Lakituthequick!), so be sure to check that out and tell him what you think of it. There's a few guest sections and one-off submissions this month to enjoy, too.

As a reminder, we have our special issue coming up next month, themed around Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time! If you want to make a special contribution, now is the time to do it. Put your ideas together, and send them in. If they fit the theme, that's excellent, but we'll welcome anything for this special end-of-the-year edition!

That's enough talk. It's the writers who deserve the focus, so, go and take a look at all they've put together for you this month!

Klavier Gavin

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Hark, everyone, for the 'Shroom Horn heralds in the coming of the Magical Retcon Fairy, here to correct one odd singularity about the universe! What might she have corrected with her reality-bending powers?
She comes to inform us that the Awards Director Election has been added to this issue! Think you have what it takes to manage the Awards season, including the Mario Awards, the Awards Presentations, and everything in between? Make sure to give it a read-through if you have any interest!
Thank you, Magical Retcon Fairy! Your work here is done ✨

Ninja Shroob

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I... I have... I have to say something before I lose control again... so let's make this quick.

Alright folks, it's that time of the year again. The time of a special issue coming, and where I end up buring under a stack of applications. Lucky me!

2020 wasn't a joyful year for the most part, and that's pretty much a fact, and I am pretty sure a lot of people here just want it to end for many reasons. However, there's still one month left to 2020, so instead of ending it in doom and gloom, how about we end this with a bang.

As you all well know, The 'Shroom is a community project, that lives, thanks to our community members' contributions. I suggest we all prepared at least a little something for The 'Shroom next month to end 2020 with something we can all be proud of. Let's showcase that, even in time of crisis, that the MarioWiki community is a place of happiness, of positivity, and that is very welcoming. What better way than demonstrating this, by doing a section for The 'Shroom about something we all love?

Next month's theme is about The Shroobs and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Is that game your favorite in the Mario & Luigi series? What about doing a review, explaining and showcasing your love for this game! Rest assured that even if you didn't played that game, you can always do a section that is similar in theming, such as something about aliens, sci-fi related (Hello Metroid!), about time traveling, or a UFO sighting editorial for what matters... Heck, you can even do a countdown, or a little review of game, musics, movies or anything along the line that was released in 2020 that you end up loving or liking.

If you are still unsure, or you have a general idea about something you would like to develop into a full section for next issue, you can always contact someone in The 'Shroom Staff, such as our wonderful Director and Sub-Director, Hooded Pitohui and Roserade, one of our team directors, or even myself. Our main duty is making the community newspaper as accessible as possible, so we can help you out if you need assistance.

Let's go MarioWiki community, let's spread the positivity, and end 2020 with something great that we will be able to remember and be proud of. :yoshi:

Oh... Oh no... I'm losing control again... Please... Help me out during the next 'Shroomfest... AAAAAARGH....



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