What does the chat run on?

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Black, white, and grey.
Whenever I open chat, there's just a picture of a cuppa joe. Do i need to Download something?

Also, the Help Desk board is for questions like this.
Yes, the chatroom runs on Java.
Think of it as like a web platform that works on all systems - a Java program can run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, so obviously it's much easier for the developer...Though it may not work for some people, which is why some programs, like Mibbit, use Ajax and PHP instead of Java.

Also, Java =/= Javascript. Just for those who don't know.
Let me rephase. Whenever I enter chat, there's a grey cup of coffe with two arrows around it. What does it mean?
Generally, if you have numerous programs running on your computer, or if you have a slow internet connection, Java takes a very long time to load. I would suggest using Mibbit, as it loads very quickly in most situations.
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It means that it's loading.
Loading takes forever.

I had the same problem once. Forgot how to solve it though. :(

Try downloading a IRC client to connect to the chat through instead of using the Java Applet. I like Chatzilla.
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