Movie organizations in total disagreements about some films


Koopa Troopa
Okay, so there was this one time when some former parents' guide to movies called was active online. They believed that all three Ernest movies (Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail, and Ernest Scared Stupid) would be "too silly" for the 15-17 age group. BUT, those same three Ernest movies were also once classified as "made for high school kids" (what looks like a 15+ rating) when released on video in a certain non-US country.

This shows that sometimes, movie organizations aren't in agreement over who the target audience should be. What other examples can you think of in which this situation occurs?

Marie Antoinette

La Reine de France
OK, so I'll preface this first off by saying this isn't movies but rather TV shows (but they still get rated for appropriateness/target audience).

Anyways, on Crunchyroll, they currently have three entries of the popular anime franchise Pretty Cure (the first season, Futari wa Pretty Cure [under the title Pretty Cure], the 2017 season Kirakira Precure à la Mode, and the current season Healin' Good Precure) available for streaming on their website. All three series are rated by Crunchyroll as being TV-14.

But, the first season of this series is also available on Tubi TV and Amazon Prime and, what do they rate it as? TV-G and TV-PG, respectively.

And then meanwhile in the series native Japan, the franchise is literally aimed at elementary school aged girls and adult men but the kids are the primary audience and airs in a block called Sunday Morning Kids Time.