Ever fly on an airplane?

I have, actually. It was to stay over at a friend's place (who had just turned eighteen) for his birthday and, since I was one of his best friends, I just /had/ to come. I was a little nervous at first going on the plane, but it was actually quite fun. =3
I've been on an airplane a few times, but it's been a couple of years since I was last on one.
Yes, I have on multiple occasions.

I always have bad luck with them though; A lot of them were delayed flights.
Once. When I was going to move from my homelands Philippines to California. Me was young back then. ^__^ To the people that never ride in an airplane, that's awww. :< Hope you use 'em one day! :3
Yes, about one and a half years ago. I flew to Florida and then went on a cruise. My first time on a plane and my first time on a cruise.
Upper Class Twit of the Year said:

Numerous times, actually. We don't like going by bus or car when travelling to places such as France, Italy or Switzerland, so we fly instead.
I have, but I'm not sure how many times, because most of the times I was too small to remember it.