what about bowser in dance dance?


Hammer Bro.
hi, I just see the article of bowser, but there's no info of him in dance dance revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somebody must put an info because he demostrated a very good ability to dance
I completly agree. ....... But I don't have the game......
Here's the information:

1. He steals the music keys, sending the world into musical madness. (see the DDR w/ M article)
2. He break dances against Mario, but ultimately fails when Mario beat the snot out of him with rockets.

Waluigi tried to steal all of them, but he only got one. The other three flew off in different directions. After Mario recovered al four, Bowser swooped down and stole all of them.
That sounds like more plot device.... mwa, ha, ha. But no, that sillouette in the beginning was totally BOWSER!!! He was in a Waluigi disguise! J/K. You're totally right. My bad. When I'm feeling smart enough to get all details right, I write instead of post ;)

Btw, why can't you add a section?