The Mario Boards Book Of Stories


The next book project from yours truely, this time, it's an entire book of Stories!
You can make it all writing, a comic or writing with occasional pictures.
There is a few rules:
.No copy cat works, especially word to word, references and stories based on pre-existing works are fine but an outright copy will get you booted out
. No stories about real people, this includes fictionalized versions of them, real people are not your playthings
. Your story must be longer than 4 paragraphs, rushed stories do no good

The due date is none other ... January 1st of 2021!

Still, I don't think this is something I can do alone, especially with my technical frustrations for the last two books, I am seeking help via a planning group

Let your creative juices flow! The great mind of the people here make this place great, let's show the world's hidden in those minds!