Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye


Popeye, while still a popular character, has been out of focus for quite awhile.

Then, this showed up and animation fans went nuts ... then it got cancelled suspiciously close to the Emoji Movie debut, while Genndy himself had the Samurai Jack revial, Primal and Hotel Transylvania, people really want to see him take on this classic, all hope was lost ... till a company named King Features came to save the day!

If that name seems familiar, King Features was the name of the studio producing the orginal Popeye content, I believe this isn't the exact same company, but a rebirth from someone fond of them, they are also makimg the Cuphead Show for Netflix.

Keep in mind, the video is less of a trailer and more of a test, I do hope it keeps the general style and concepts from the comic