Streets of Rogue

The Crowned Boo

So Spooky!
Banned User
A rogue-like game that combines rogue-likes with GTA. You must travel through a tower-like city in order to kill/stop the corrupt mayor.

You can do the following:
Purchase slaves
Burn stuff
and much more

26 characters! (unlock criteria in parentheses):
Slum Dweller
Crepe Gangster
Assassin (Clear a floor without killing or alerting anybody)
Comedian (Kill someone with a banana peel)
Mobster (Bribe a mobster with 500 coins to rig the mayoral election)
Cop (Bribe cops to ignore crimes three times over multiple runs)
Blahd Gangster (Kill 10 Crepes in a single run)
Gorilla (Free a gorilla from scientists)
Jock (Destroy 75 things on a single floor)
Shapeshifter (Clear one floor with five different characters)
Shopkeeper (Spend a total of 1500 coins over different runs)
Robot (Hack a Cop robot or Butler robot as the Hacker)
Scientist (Drop things in air vents five times over multiple runs)
Vampire (Destroy 20 gravestones in one game)
Zombie (Clear the slums as the Vampire)
Bartender (Drink ten alcoholic beverages in one game)
Cannibal (Kill twenty people on one floor)
Slavemaster (Buy four slaves over multiple runs)
Firefighter (Extinguish 5 fires using a fire extinguisher on a floor)
Wrestler (Complete the slums while only using your fists)
Werewolf (Kill a ghost using the ghost gibber)
Investment Banker (Have 500 coins at one time in a single run)

The game's not cheap, at 25.06 CAD. But it's worth it.