Tyler and friends (Its a story)

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The Intro
Tyler: Oh hey sooo me and my friends are sitting outfront of Bowser's castle.
Gil: Now, you may wonder what happened.
Diddly: Umm well I guess Tyler has to tell the tail of why we were kicked outta Bowser's Castle.
Tyler: Technically like not along time ago...
Gil: Dude, Tyler... That was 20 minutes ago.
Tyler: Ok sooo 20 minutes ago, me Tyler the Koopa wanting to get a autograph of Bowser's worse enemy. *DUN* *DUN* *DUUUUUUUUUUN* Mario. Yep that super plumber. Anyways Gil, and Diddly were my best friends. We have been trying alot to get Mario's autograph without nobody suspecting it.
(Gil: Bowser told us rule 17.5 "Never get a autograph of the heros.)
Diddly: Yep and we broke that exact rule.
Tyler: Ok so im Tyler the koopa, Gil is a Shy Guy, and Diddly is a Boo.
Tyler: And all of us liked to break the rules...
especially important rules...

Gil: Like one time he forgot to turn off the oven and it literally burned down BOWSER'S OLD CASTLE... And since then Tyler was known for that...
Tyler: So should I finish the story next time?
Diddly: Yeah! Maybe next chapter?
Tyler: What's a chapter?
Diddly: (I think I just broke the 4th wall...)
Tyler: Whatever that is... Hey I kinda like it! Ok I decided untill the next chapter!
End of Intro.
-Made by Elijah Guy!
-Yes I will continue.
-Have any ideas let me know!
-Fun Stuff
-Diddly Is the first character to break the 4th wall.
-Ok now each character speach line matches the color of their name now.