Abra CAT-Dabra, a forum all about cats!


"To all the cat lovers across the universe"
-Freddie Mercury
I created a new forum all about cats!
An idea like this probably been done before, but I intend it to be a small community for it to be overall peaceful, I made it not only for cat love, but to show friends of friends that forums don't be pessimistic sink pits, much like this one isn't.
I am also looking for mods, feel free to hit me up if you think you're up to the job

Mr. Mr. Prosecutor Grubba

DAUTY Digno-dangerous!


Some new features are coming in the morning!
  1. Character ask boards! Ask questions to characters via those who love their faves and know them to write questions in character perfectly
  2. The association boards! Keep post going by praising the user who posted before, themed by the subject of the topics