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Surely you jestin!
I love to draw, especially digitally, on my Lenovo Yoga laptop's touchscreen. Here I will post my art. Some common topics in my art usually end up being portraits of myself, occasional Mario-related stuff (I'm just getting back into the fandom) and fanart of this underrated game called KoGaMa, which is similar to Roblox.

Recent drawings:

This is the kid from the Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem commercial. Yes, I drew him of all people. Sometimes people can even be fans of random live-action people from commercials.

One of my KoGaMa drawings. Here we have Blockboy (yes, that's actually the block guy's name) waking up.
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Shaggy Rogers

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Oh, I remember that game. For some reason, my Windows 7 didn't let me create an account. Now I have a Chromebook, and I'm not sure it can run KoGaMa. Good times, though. Good times.