Looniju said:
Stooben Rooben.
Too bad he abuses his power to shut me up. -_-;
I could give you his entire rant that led to it, but 1) you probably got the reasons already, and 2) it wouldn't change anything because you're always right about everything.

Ninji: You're hardly worthy of being my rival. My rival is probably either Dan, Mike, or Gary.
Looniju said:
OK, drop Stooben Rooben for the moment as he MAY have been hacked. If it turns out he just went Willy on us, he can be my rival again(he banned me on the Userpedia forums before that, but I've learned being banned on the Userpedia forums is anything but a punishment).
I'll admit that I took part in the discussion that led to your ban, but I wasn't the one who actually banned you.

I dont really hate anyone, but if i had to choose someone, it would be Zafum
Fiddle Faddle said:
Jesus Freak said:
I think we all share a common one: RUDNICKI.
ParaBob-omb said:
Rudnicki, because of the hack that happened

Rudnicki isn't much of a rival, he's more of an incarnate of evil.

*looks up incarnate on dictionary.com*

Oh, yeah, you're right.
Despite the fact that I was hacked, I wouldn't consider that person my rival. I only feel that they're that much more of an idiot for trying in the first place.

I can't really think of any rivals. I only have a few people that annoy me.
My other rival is Gawain. He thinks he's better than me just because he's the king's nephew. Well, he may be the greatest knight, but I'm the strongest knight.
I think Uniju might be my rival too. I think he might be almost everybody's, no offense.
That was an ironic post.

But, getting back on-topic, I did at one point have a rival: Garlic Man. Since he was the other nominee for Sysop back in spring of '08, I seriously competed with him in every way possible.