MapleStory Short Story projects

Ok, let me explain this whole thing from the beginning before I rage out of control again. It all began when I watched this:
It was so heart-touching, I felt like it deserved a sequel. So I made one:
As you can see, the ratings are amazing; I got good credit for my creativity! Pretty soon, this idea turned into a hobby. I wanted to make sequels for other videos like that. So with this little "Beacon of Hope" lit up from within me, I set out to find MapleStory Short Story videos to make sequels for.

With the user's original video, I can use footage from it as the flashback sequence. That's why these videos are the vital ingredients in my projects. Without these videos, I can't make the sequels. Among the ones I found, was a video named "Short Story - My Family"; a girl lost her dad in a car crash accident and her stepfather stabbed her mother so much that she bled to death.

I couldn't think up a plot for a sequel, but eventually, I do! ..................... But the idea came just a day too late. :/ It got blocked! And no matter what I try, I can't download it! But that's where YouTube videos began disappearing at a faster rate due to... you guessed it: copyright. And you get all the things I've witnessed from there.

I wanted to post these other video projects of mine when they're finished as a surprise to show how much you all inspired me. But I have been delayed for almost six (6) years now as I wanted to surprise the viewers. I waited patiently. But hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. And still no one came to my aid.

If you can help me download it (find it in my YouTube Favorites playlist), now would be a good time. I really have to make up for the lost six years in my animation productions.

Again, do you know how stressed I am at seeing more dislikes than likes on my videos trying to discuss about YouTube's video deletion problem? I want to help set this example too! I also want to try something different for once (in this case, what I described above) just to entertain my viewers! Is there anything wrong with both of those?!

THIS is the whole reason I made these videos: to both get help to finish an important project AND set an example at the same time!

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