Shroom KG Role Tier List


King Bowser
for completely silly technical reasons, instead of putting all four lists in the same thread I’ll have to start a new thread for each one, my bad

(Also, I won’t be considering stats unless they’re very high or very low, otherwise I could be here all day with this.)

Shroom Killing Game

S Tier

The USM can make perfect stab wounds and even forge them, making it look like as if another blade was used for them. You can also use a cape to hide rather well and most of your stats are above 2, so there’s nothing really bad about this role.

The Ultimate Despair can, after waiting until Night 3 (???), find out a random player’s Forbidden Action and how you can exploit it. Even better, you can do this every three nights instead of only once. You can also disguise as another player every night, even if those with high Situational stats could see through it.

The Ultimate Princess could...take two votes off of himself? Holy shit okay, that’s actually kind of ridiculous. You can also take a vote off yourself and a vote off another player, which is probably only useful for preventing memelynches. Face it, if people see you take a vote off someone else regardless of their innocence, that’s hella suspicious.

The UDC can search up to three rooms per night for hidden doors and other secret objects (this makes me assume that you’re the only one informed of these?), potentially leading to secret passageways that make stealth a breeze. Even better, you’re given a special key that grants you access to almost every locked room in the building, when normally the keys are distributed to players for surviving a certain amount of nights. In other words, you have access to features like a room full of weapons and a security footage room from the start of the game, even if the unlocking of some rooms notifies everyone.

The UGD can craft several small items and one larger object per night. Already very versatile, I remember TPG pulling a murder with this that almost went unsolved, so props to him for that.

The Ultimate Artist, while having a pretty low Strength stat, is immune to poisons, which at least counters a role in this game that revolves around them. More importantly, you can create fake evidence in the Artist’s Studio, something which whose should go without saying and has fantastic application for murder coverups.

The Ultimate Scavenger can run at an extremely fast pace if he chooses, making him unrecognizable to anyone he runs past at the cost of a lowered Stamina stat the next night. As a catch, you can’t hide a murder weapon as your FA, but this shouldn’t be a problem when this is one of the best roles when it comes to putting yourself far away from the murder location.

The Ultimate Programmer can make battery-powered devices that can perform any logical function you can think of, allowing for endless applications. You can also overload the breakers for one time only, leaving the elevators useless, plunging the building into darkness, and breaking any electronics...besides your own, which means even more chaos. Only real downside is that your FA forbids you from getting soaked, but it’s too situational to stop this powerful role.

A Tier

The Ultimate Mycologist can use toxic mushrooms to make only one special poison that will instantly kill someone with a low Strength stat. Emphasis on that last part, because if it’s used on someone with a higher Strength stat they would only suffer from vomiting, wasting your one poison and making this yet again luck based. However, you can also drug another player and make them hallucinate sights and sounds that didn’t actually happen, fucking with them and perhaps even helping with an attempt.

The Ultimate DJ possesses an acute sense of hearing that lets you pick up unique voices in a crowd or sounds no one else would hear, making this one of the better investigative roles. You can also eat a piece of cake that boosts your or someone else’s stamina, but honestly, it’s sort of arbitrary and is only good for a game where stats exist in the first place.

[Ultimate Bodybuilder (Superchao)]

The UBB, having one of the best Strength stats in the game, can push and pull heavy objects with ease and use a valve in the Pipe Plaza to shut off all running water and plumbing in the building for one night, both of which are mainly niche murder powers that lets you do things most other players couldn’t. However, as a FA you can’t use cover your bare chest with a shirt or anything, so wearing a coat to conceal anything or disguises are off the table.

The UFS doesn’t have anything special, only high stats in Sleuthing, Survival, and Situational. You can at least make good disguises for yourself, but who would be fooled by them is very much luck-based since anyone with a high enough Awareness stat can see through it.

Sort of complicated, this one. The original UGW will swap roles with whoever dies on Night 1 and the deceased will be revived the following night, which is a fantastic idea. There’s no worse feeling than being hyped up for a game only to die before being able to do anything. The former ghost can also walk through walls, but it’s limited to rooms that are already open and you can’t bring objects with you, so it’s not as useful as it seems. Both players will be notified of each other’s roles, of course, allowing for easy teamwork and accomplice murders. Buuuut if the original UGW dies, the second player will die as well, making their chances of being eliminated twice as likely.

The Ultimate Statistician can learn one player’s base stats. This would normally be in B Tier, considering you can’t take advantage of someone’s stats and it’s rare when stats are considered for pinning someone for murder, but luckily, the passive of being able to vote twice saves this.

The Ultimate Peddler automatically rummages through the Peddler’s Place every night and collects an item specially made for him. It’s hard to grade this role without knowing what said items were, but I doubt they were anything terrible.

The Ultimate Surgeon has a high Situational stat and is skilled with drugs administered through the nose such as chloroform, which is alright by itself. You can also dig through medical files and find out one player’s Blood Type, allowing for a pretty obtuse murder method by taking the blood of a corpse and injecting it into someone with a different BT. Lastly, with enough time and supplies, you can disguise the appearance of a corpse, which could be great for hiding the true cause of death, I suppose.

The Ultimate Palkia, besides having high Strength and Social stats, can create a spatial rift that lets you instantly warp to another room once per night, and as long as there’s no one in the room with you. This role isn’t higher up considering anyone with a high Sleuthing stat can see it (though you can push an object in the way of it with your strength), and you don’t have anything else besides this.

B Tier

Like the UFS, all the UQM really has is high stats, namely those in the intelligence area, but everything physical is notably a 1 or a 2. The rolecard also lists as a power “being able to remember everyone you see during the night”, which…..I thought was a given for KG? As for your FA, you have to stay positive and optimistic in your posts, something I’m really neutral towards. Keep in mind that on Minus World, text-based Forbidden Actions that limit how you can speak are almost nonexistent, so to see so many of them here makes me thing that these kinds of FAs are almost unfair. It’s kind of a shame that these roles are bound by existing people or characters. Only other thing worth mentioning is that you can instantly solve any quiz given to you, which might be useful for passing the quiz you have to do in order to get the Emerald Key.

The Ultimate Sommelier can make special tea that can boost his own stats or, someone else’s by leaving a cup of tea in a room and making anyone who sees it compelled to drink it. However, you have some of the worst stats in the game, with 2/5 for everything but Social, and drinking your own tea will leave you with at least one stat being zero. Not to mention you can’t poison the tea. While it does have its uses, this role is overall way too risky.

The Ultimate Waluigi can use his sport skills to strike objects from a distance, which you can maybe use for setting off traps far away from the crime scene, and he can also make explosives rather well. If you also take the many-night-long effort to rebuild a taco stand, you’ll also get a stat boost, but it might not be worth it when most of your stats are at least above 2.

After Night 1, The UTM can take in another player as an apprentice, holding a variety of effects so long as he follows them around at night. If the apprentice gets away with murder, you along with them will gain a large token bonus, and the apprentice also starts with a stat upgrade. Interestingly, if the apprentice is somehow killed, you step in and die in his place. In the Minus World games, there have been many roles where you’re granted a “killshield” that protects you from an attempt, but never any roles where it doesn’t work for you and you have a doubled chance of dying. I’m putting this in the middle ground because although it’s great for the apprentice, it doesn’t have any direct benefit for you besides some tokens.

The Ultimate Hypnotist can hypnotize one player per night, not only letting him know one thing that player did that night but enabling him to give 3 small actions for them to do (including murder, but it’s still on you). However, it must be physical; you have to go up to the player to hypnotize them, revealing yourself if it fails (which is very much luck-based considering it depends on their stats (including the actions you give them because of course)). If they catch you in the act, your role is suddenly much harder when players can now pin any actions they submit on you specifically. This role’s good for framing, or forcing them to murder if you want to push it, but it’s overall too risky to use effectively.

C Tier

The Ultimate Hope has 3 in every stat, but at the cost of having no abilities or passives whatsoever, making him a vanilla player. A disappointing role to have, but at least you don’t have to have low stats get in the way of your plans, not to mention no FA to worry about. You also get a stat buff when you enter the Chapel, but this wouldn’t happen until the tail end of the game (assuming you last that long) and is only really good for making sure you last longer during endgame...even if LB was the first to die on the final night.

The Ultimate Gangster doesn’t have much going for him. You will always win a 1-on-1 gunfight, but aside from Endgame this will almost never happen. You’re also adept in using graffiti, which has no real application for murders, and gambling in the Casino, which might be decent but I have no idea what you could get from that room, so oh well. Doesn’t help that the FA is lighting anything on fire, ironic considering this role was represented by Lord Bowser. At least you get high Strength, Social, and Sleuthing stats.

The Ultimate Timekeeper knows what the weather will be like 3 phases in advance and has a Weather Machine you can use to change the weather one night only, to either a Rainy Night or Clear Night (though this is less useful when you realize your FA is coming outside when it’s raining). You can also make it a Double Murder Night, so at least you can make your attempt more likely to succeed, I suppose? You can also look into the past during the day to find out one random thing a player did the night prior. It depends on whether or not you can choose said player; if you can, it could be helpful for maybe verifying what a suspect did, but if you can’t, it’s a genuinely useless power that’s made worse by the fact that you can only do it every other day.

D Tier