Does anybody else have this problem?


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I have a lot of ideas, but I have no talent to execute them or any money or position to hire people to help me.
When I say no talent, I mean no visual talent, my hands been nerfed by God, I can't draw worth crap, my teachers in my old school flat out had to ask what my handwriting means, but I am a decent writer
Anyways, the reason I made this topic is to ask: Is there a way to submit an idea to a creator? I am fine with alternative interpretations as long as I add more creativity in the world, all I ask to have credit for the idea


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You should sign up for a presentation and then draw or do something anyways regardless of how it turns out because practice and also please help

As for a real answer yeah commissions are a thing, but your lack of money halts that. There is no other solution beyond either suddenly getting monye, or practicing the craft.


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yes, all the time. there are so many ideas in my head that i want to get out into physical reality but whenever i try to learn a skill that i can use to do it i get really discouraged because i can't make anything i'm satisfied with and i can't motivate myself to put in enough practice to get good because i'm stupid and lazy and i give up and you shouldn't be like me, you should keep practicing and get better and achieve your dreams and make a presentation


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Embrace The Nya said:
Is there a way to submit an idea to a creator?
You can generally assume that most creators already have more ideas than they can reasonably execute just on their own. You'll be hard-pressed to find one who thinks something along the lines of "If only there was someone telling me what to do". Idea guys are thus not really in hot demand. If you want to get your ideas out into the world, you'll have to find some way to apply yourself. Not all art is visual either; there's bound to be something you can develop a skill for.

Also, don't fall into the trap thinking that you need to be talented to be artistic. Talent is a myth. What the general population perceives as "talent" is actually just (interest + passion + perseverance) * experience over time.

One angle you could choose is to use writing to hone your understanding of story structure, and then try to get into some kind of creative project as a script writer. But you'll probably have to get comfortable working inside creative constraints and with characters that aren't yours.