Super Monkey Ball: Taste Good rated in Taiwan

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Taste good

Rated for Switch, PC, and PS4, it appears that thesse are related to trademarks Sega put out eariler, I hope this game is hard as 700 years old bananas, I want this game to have fall outs, the other game with Falout and me had a falling out

Dr. Luigi

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Awesome! Hope it's as good as the first ones!

and hope they bring back monkey target and monkey bowling

Dr. Luigi

Prepared for the job... maybe
(Bump) Late, but it's confirmed to be a Banana Blitz remake. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, it's not 1/2/Deluxe which are widely regarded as the best games. But at the same time, they're improving one of the worst in the series. Personally, I thought it was fine in the main game. But the minigames... Don't get me started lol. ALL of them required motion controls (yeah it was a launch title for Wii but so what?) and most of them were terrible. Some were extremely broken like red light green light. Most of them didn't feature the monkey in their balls (I couldn't word this better soz), there was even one game featuring the birds from one level in the game, 1-8! But this is just a nitpick. They also managed to ruin some classics like Monkey Target and Monkey Bowling (sorry but it would just spin all the way when I want it to go straight) Anyway if they can get rid of the motion controls I think that this game would be a lot better. Hope it works out!