YouTube Banning Innocent Users and Deleting Videos

Mod edit: Video contains inappropriate content.

Do you know how stressed I am at seeing more dislikes than likes? I want to help set this example too! I also want to try something different for once just to entertain my viewers! Is there anything wrong with both of those?!

I've been paying out of my pocket for years just to entertain viewers on YouTube, but as my cable bill spiked, I had to resort to a new method to entertain: animation. But it was cut short due to........ you guessed it: a copyright claim. But after that, things on YouTube just fell apart within days. But then, I had a feeling something felt off. So I looked around and lots of YouTube users were already talking about it. So I thought I'd join in on this conversation to both explain things I'm seeing from my point of view and finish my project at the same time, but both attempts failed.

Almost six years have passed and my projects are still unfinished. I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong site, but I can't think of where is the right place to discuss about this problem. And due to the number of views my videos got, I had to cram numerous subjects into one video and just pray that this trick works. I also had or tried to enlist the aid of any people and any websites that come to my mind or I could think up, but all those attempts failed. Even people in real life didn't fair any better. :-\


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at around 1:40 you seem to be complaining about youtube deleting videos of women giving birth?? you can still find videos like that sitting around with millions of views though. i checked
Well the thing is, InformOverload got terminated two times already. But even if they (the YouTube staff) claimed that termination was an accident or a mistake, I still felt something was off.

Edit: Gee, thanks for the sour persimmons. -_- I wasn't expecting it to get this many dislikes in such short time. I can't understand it! Like............ Other users are talking about this problem and they're getting tons of likes! Why is it having the opposite effect on me??? :/

Edit 2: I just want to lend a helping hand/set an example like everyone else and try something new to entertain my viewers/subscribers for once. Is that so much to ask for? Is there anything wrong with cramming multiple subjects into a single video to discuss about? Is there anything wrong with trying out new things? Also, bear in mind I have autism. So there's only so many advanced English words that I know the meaning of. Therefore, I can only come up with such a good enough title from the latest batch of evidence photos I currently have. You must understand, I'm trying the best I can.

PS, this is why I rely so much on YouTube: I'm struggling to find and re-watch something from the past. Especially my past. Particularly, from my childhood. It's bad enough it took me years to find what I'm looking for, but when YouTube deletes that said video, I have to begin my search for it all over again. And god who knows how long that's going to take.