Custom member titles?

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Can we have those?

If yuou don't know what it is, it's the one to three (or so) words below the member name. Mine is Hammer Bro. By custom, I mean you could have anything there. Like, I could replace it with “Waffle abuser”. Get it? Eh?
1000!? I find that much too high. o.o
i have to agree, 3D has 1000 posts of spam.
:D :lol: I'm working my way towards 1000.....
3D's posts are like this: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WAFFLES!!!!!!!! CAFFFFFFENE!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:
Well,not all his posts are spam,just 99,8 per cent of them.

Yay,100th post!
I have to agree. I don't quite think 1000 posts of spam (sure, waffles are cool 'n' all, but, really...) deserves the right to have a member title.

Yay, *insert number here*th post! =D

EDIT:: Yay, 90th post. xD
Sweet. I'm up to 137 (I think). ^^
Hurrah to all the Monty Moles out there.
(It'd be Dry Bones, not Dry Boneses. :P)

Sure... Hurrah to the Dry Bones too.
Wow, that last post was me becoming a spiny. =D
Hurrah for all the Spinies out there. ^^
A thousand is kinda high...

200th post yepee!
I hope to one day get a custom member title, but I have no clue what it'll be. Probably something cool... Like "Whomp". Yeah! I wish my rank was Whomp!
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