Ultimate KG Role Tier List(s) II: The Sequel


King Bowser
Hi, my name’s Mariofan169. You might recognize me from such hits as “Rising Sun Reviews” or “that accursed Homestuck roleplay that somehow isn’t dead yet”. Those of you who visit Minus World might also know me as that one masochist who decided it would be a good idea to take every role from all 12 Killing Games and rank them into tier lists. Clearly I haven’t learned, because I’m going to do the same thing here. For the next week, I’ll be judging each and every role from the three completed games on this site based on their usefulness, balance, creativity, and application from the users. And of course, I’ll do Awards KG III once that wraps up. So, without further ado....

Awards Killing Game I

S Tier

Once per game, the Ultimate Chemist can fill a room with sleeping gas, knocking out anyone who enters that room. It might seem bad that it can only be used one time, but honestly, I’d say it’s balanced when compared to the sleeper roles in Minus World games, where you can only knock out one person per night.

The Ultimate Socializer can (only once) find out one player’s role and Forbidden Action. An absolutely ridiculous role, especially in a game where FAs are easy to take advantage of.

A Tier

The Ultimate Politician may filibuster a person two times in the game, preventing them from using their powers for the rest of the night. Not that beneficial for you, but rather it’s meant for fucking people over. This could probably be improved by changing it so that you can use it once per night for the entirety of the game, though.

The Ultimate Detective can see through any disguise. Even if this role is a one-trick pony, this is still pretty handy, I suppose. The FA is that you can’t go into rooms that are described as “nothing, or nothing you can see....”, which isn’t too many rooms on the map compared to the Ultimate Astrologer’s FA later on.

The Ultimate Assassin’s first kill is guaranteed to succeed, and any attempt after is more likely to land. Probably the least bad murderer role in the game, even with the passive where there’s always one vote against you. The FA is...copypasting your witness account? You mean there’s a game where that was actually acceptable? What a riot.

After Night 3 (???), the Ultimate Spy can choose one player twice in the game to intercept, and parts of their results PM will be censored (You must be in the Storage Room to do this for some weird reason). While an inconvenience for everyone including you normally, I’m thinking you could use this to leave a witness to your murder with incomplete information, even if you can’t choose what gets censored.

B Tier

The Ultimate Clairvoyant can find out once per game the name of two players who aren’t the killer. While this is a great ability, it’s slightly hampered by the fact that you can only do it once, and the FA...well, check the Ultimate Gambler below for that.

The Ultimate Twins are completely indistinguishable from each other, meaning people will confuse Packy as DF and vice versa. It’s good for confusion purposes, but it’s almost too risky for killing anyone since you die if your twin dies and the other way around. In fact, it makes you twice as likely to die when your twin is a liability.

The UJT receives a random ability every night. True, not being able to use a good ability for more than one night could be inconvenient, but I’ll let it slide for this particular game, where half of the roles have abilities you can only use once before turning vanilla.

All the rolecard said was that the ULS is lucky, which might mean that he’s more likely to survive an attempt or succeed with one? He also doesn’t have a Forbidden Action, which makes this the equivalent of a Minus World role called the Ultimate Nothing that had no powers or FA. At least this role has SOME passive, so it’s this high for that reason.

I’m torn on this one. The Ultimate Lawyer can vote twice on someone, which is powerful in of itself, but his FA prevents him from lying about anything. You can still withhold information, which is good for your testimony if you committed murder, but beyond that, getting away with it is close to impossible. This implies that this is a survivor role, but the double vote doesn’t help your chances of not getting murdered or lynched, so _____.

The Ultimate Hope can give hope all over another player, or herself, giving them a decreased chance of being killed the next two nights and knocking one vote against them in the next class trial. As far I can tell, you can only do this once in the entire game, which is especially hurt by the fact that it’s only good for two nights. Plus there’s a bunch of weird conditions that make it slightly worse: you can only give someone hope after Night 3, and you can only use it in one particular room (the Secret Altar). No particular reason for any of these. You also die if you accidentally give hope to the Ultimate Despair, which is pretty much luck based.

The same as the Ultimate Hope but with a few key differences: Instead of hope, you can give another person despair, causing their role to backfire on a random player or themselves. Not really beneficial for you, basically, unless you’re the person the player uses their power on. The FA is allowing the Ultimate Hope to survive past Night 5, so you’d either have to kill them yourself or pray they die otherwise. Sure, you could just camp out in the Secret Altar, where they have to use his power, but by that time, you’d almost be too late.

The Ultimate Astrologer can receive a hint about the identity of the killer for only one night, so long as she’s in the Observatory when she does it. It’s a fine ability that’s well-balanced, but the fact the FA is that you can’t go into the Basement is somewhat cumbersome.

The Ultimate Preacher has one vote against him in a class trial automatically removed. This is only really useful in a rare tiebreaker compared to a landslide, but at least the FA, not being allowed to say statements such as “oh my god” or “for Christ’s sake”, is entirely avoidable.

C Tier

The Ultimate Survivalist is immune to being murdered until Night 3, but any attempts he makes until Night 3 fails. Not really as useful as some of the survivor roles I’ve seen on Minus World, as even though you might be safe from dying except for being wrongly lynched or tripping your FA (not going to the kitchen every night)....it’s still only good for the first two nights, which really isn’t a long time.

The Ultimate Gambler can pick a night at the end of the game, and if he’s killed that night, he automatically revives the next day. This sounds like a decent enough ability, despite the fact that it won’t work if you commit suicide or trigger your FA, but this is ultimately killed by the FA: you’re forbidden from talking to the Ultimate Clairvoyant, whether it be a PM, talking to them in IRC/Discord, or even quoting their post. Never mind how this has nothing to do with gambling, this is just a ridiculous hindrance that doesn’t do anything to balance your role, instead only making investigations harder than itshould be.

D Tier

Once per game, the Ultimate Technician can tamper with the breakers and cause a blackout.....except he can’t kill during this. With a condition like that, this is only a role that hinders and everyone else. Even if you use this time to set up a trap kill, chances are people will accuse you of causing the blackout for it during your case.

The Ultimate Meteorologist can cause it to rain or snow two nights in the game. This could be useful for hiding or wiping away evidence, except for one thing...you can’t go outside while it’s raining or snowing. What could have been a decent role is utterly ruined by that stipulation, and the only use I could maybe think of is killing the Ultimate Technician, whose FA forbids him from getting wet, but that would require knowing it in the first place.