The new Nintendo of America President


So, uh, Hello!! If you've been on the internet recently you know that Reggie Fils-Aime recently retired as president at Nintendo of America. The new guy in charge is... Bowser????

Uh, I screamed when I heard this, this CANNOT be a coincidence. I'm crying.

His full name is Doug Bowser. We've gone from "My body is Regi" memes to memes of Bowser Jr saying "My dAd oWnS nInTeNdO nOoB"

Anyways, this was just me fangirling :luigi: :luigi: and screaming. Nothing really wrong with a guy named Bowser taking over, just wanted to screech some more.

I'm gonna go back to playing Super Paper Mario now, Ciao!!


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First off, welcome, jupiterdog! Btw we've had a thread on this for a little while ( Still pretty neat though.


thank you ;) ;) :luigi: :luigi:

maybe ill go check out the other thread :)