Chocolate Egg Day


The Enclave will rise again
Well since my family has gone to church this morning, it must be Easter.
Why am I not with them you ask? well, I'm an Atheist.
So then, anybody get the chocolate Easter eggs you were requesting or did you get something better than mere eggs?

Oh and I purchased two eggs personally for myself. :posh:
Technically it's Easter for me, but I haven't gotten any candy yet cuz it's 3 in the morning.
The downside to Easter here is that all the shops close and people yesterday were buying loads of food because to them, the shops being closed for a day is a huge disaster.
Eater is a great holiday. It's like Halloween except you don't have to get as much exercise.
Not for Atheists like me it doesn't.
Its just an excuse to eat chocolaty eggs all day long.
Die. Then come back to life cuz that's the true meaning of Easter.
I was actually fine with the two chocolate bunnies I got for Easter. I wasn't too thrilled about going on our easter egg hunt though, mainly beacuse I felt I would get more sick with too much chocolate. :P

Actually I turned out to be fine.
I got Battalion Wars 2, for Easter.