Wii U Pro Controller + Nintendont

Paper Mario

I've been playing Book of Mario (TTYD text hack) on Nintendont using a Wii U Pro Controller. So far all has gone smoothly, but today, the button (ABYX) configuration randomly rotated clockwise, so that Mario now uses a partner ability with A, jumps with B, hammers with Y, and would use airplane or boat modes with X. The change seemed to happen randomly during gameplay, specifically as I was leaving Don Pianta's office to head for Chapter 6. I noticed it with Beldam's dialogue and A wasn't scrolling the text. At first I thought the A button broke, but then after skipping the dialogue with B, realized that the buttons just somehow rotated clockwise. Any way I can fix this? I know this controller wasn't designed for GameCube games but it seems weird that it changed its configuration mid-gameplay.

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Don't press the - button. That's Nintendont's button to swap control configurations. If you do accidentally press it, just press it again and your controls will revert to normal.