2018-19 NFL Playoffs (The Patriots Are This Year's Champions)

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

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I considered making the thread for the season months ago. But I just couldn't get to it and maybe was just suggesting maybe someone else would start it though discussion of this season came in the past season's thread. But thought I'd at least open this up for the Playoffs. It's been an interesting Season, I feel there's no team that's the real runaway favorite this time. Not even the Patriots feel guaranteed to make the AFC Championship, let alone the Super Bowl this time. Though I would still say they're a threat if they get clicking at the right time.


#1 Chiefs
#2 Patriots

#3 Texans Vs. #6 Colts
#4 Ravens Vs. #5 Chargers


#1 Saints
#2 Rams

#3 Bears Vs. #6 Eagles
#4 Cowboys Vs. #5 Seahawks

Here's my thoughts on the Wild Card matchups:

Colts @ Texans: Should be a good match between two big division rivals seeking some glory. The Colts are the team on the bigger hot streak, but the Texans defense I imagine are still going to be an obstacle in their path.

Chargers @ Ravens: The Chargers seem to have figured things out as of late, however they did show some flaws when they faced the Ravens just a few weeks ago. Can Rivers and the rest of the team get revenge for that game, or will the Ravens just simply have their number?

Eagles @ Bears: This game I feel entirely depends on how much "Big Dick Nick" shows up. Cause either Nick finds some seemingly divine given talent to torch the Bears, or the Bears defense may prove too difficult for the Eagles who are a much depleted team from the one that was a champion last year.

Seahawks @ Cowboys: I don't think either team in this matchup was expected to do as well as they did this Season. Which is either a testament to how these two teams survived or just showing how weak or incompetent some of the other teams have been


Re: 2018-19 NFL Playoffs

I'm not sure that it's physically possible for someone to hit the uprights more than Parkey does


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Re: 2018-19 NFL Playoffs

Been an interesting first two rounds. But both of the teams with first round bye fend off any Wild card round challengers as the #1 and #2 team's of each conference all advance.

In the AFC it's the Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs. I do think the Chiefs are likely to win this time. The Patriots have not done very well on the Road, and this is a different Chiefs team then the ones led by Alex Smith as they have an explosive young QB in Mahomes. Though the Chiefs certainly shouldn't take the Patriots lightly. As if the Chiefs make too many mistakes the Patriots can take advantage and still win. But overall, I think it's still the Chiefs game to lose here.

The NFC is a little more interesting with both the Saints and the Rams as they have some balance on both sides of the ball. It's also kind of likely that whoever wins this game will be favored in the Super Bowl. As both the Chiefs and Patriots have an achilles heal in their defensive play this year. I think it will take the NFC team in the Super Bowl screwing up too many times if the AFC team wins it all.


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Re: 2018-19 NFL Playoffs (Super Bowl 53: New England Patriots Vs. Los Angeles Rams)

Well the Super Bowls has been set...

...And it's a rematch of the 2001-2002's season's Super Bowl. Patriots Vs. Rams (Albeit the Rams have moved from St. Louis since then)

On the NFC side of things, it definitely feels like the Saints got robbed on that non-call and it should be Brady Vs. Brees right now. But woulda coulda shoulda. The Rams advance. And they should probably be the favorite and probably have a decent chance at taking it all. Gotta feel bad for all the St. Louis fans who might see the team that moved out win in front of them in a different location.

And on AFC, once again the Patriots came out on top in a close matchup. But it was an interesting game for sure. The Patriots are actually sort of an underdog this year. And they'll need a shutdown gameplan probably similar to the 2002 Super Bowl if they're going to take out the Rams. Because the Rams are an offensive explosive team and they have defensive playmakers that can screw with Brady if he's not protected well enough.

I think the Rams will win it, but Super Bowls with Brady and Belichick leading the Patriots all have been interesting. So it should be fun.


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Re: 2018-19 NFL Playoffs (Super Bowl 53: New England Patriots Vs. Los Angeles Rams)

I am so pumped for this game. My birthday is the day before the Super Bowl, so I hope it's a good weekend.

I want six!

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Re: 2018-19 NFL Playoffs (Super Bowl 53: New England Patriots Vs. Los Angeles Rams)

as a native new yorker i'm pretty sure i'm obligated to say fuck the patriots

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I'm not a fan of football... yet. But I rooted for the Patriots, a lifelong fan of the team. I say fuck the Rams.


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To everyone's surprise the game became a defensive slugfest that feels like it hasn't been seen since the 70's. And the Patriots pulled it off by limited the 2nd best offense in the season to only 3 points. It was just a masterful plan set by Belichick. And while Brady doesn't have his usual numbers, he did just enough to get the win and his 6th Super Bowl and now has more then any player in history and Brady himself can say he's tied with the entire history of the Steelers. An amazing feat.

It feels like it was already cemented by the 28-3 game. But it only furthers the fact that both Brady and Belichick are up there for the greatest in their respective positions in the game.

If this turns out to be the Patriots last Super Bowl with Brady at the helm. It will make for an amazing bookend where his Super Bowl career started with an upset victory over the Rams. And finishing with what may not be as much of an upset in hindsight, an amazing team performance that still shocked the world in just how the Patriots were limiting any oppurtunities for the Rams.

Overall in terms of play from an objective standpoint. This was probably one of the least entertaining Super Bowls in a long time. And not many commercials nor the halftime show really made up for it. But nonetheless an interesting ending to the season in a year it looked like high-flying offense was going to be the future of the game. Only for defense and timely offensive play to decide this one. And that benefits none other then the players and coaches that have been in this sitation time and time again. McVay and Goff are relatively new and they have quite a bit more chances in the future, for now though. They were just taken to school by their historically great counterparts in this game.


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That was storybook redemption for a defense that got sliced in last year's Super Bowl. I'm still celebrating.