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Hello, I've just joined Mario Wiki and this board.

I mainly signed up to add Mario-related information on the 3DS StreetPass games to the Wiki, but figured it would be best to run this by some other users first, since I don't know this Wiki's standards and practices very well. I am a top-20 contributor at Zelda Wiki (username Htwretched since this name got snatched up) and I'm pretty good at writing summaries and obtaining screenshots. So in other words, I could supply written summaries for more experienced users to edit/proofread, or just pass along the facts and info for someone else to write the articles.

Mario Wiki seems pretty in-depth, seeing as how there's an article for AR Games and its Mario cameos, so I was surprised that there's nothing about StreetPass Mii Plaza, another built-in 3DS collection of minigames. It has dozens of Mario-related hats and outfits for your miis, a minigame where you collect & trade pieces of game murals (many of which are from the Mario series), as well as gardening and fishing minigames that both have a few Mario item/character cameos.

If anyone would like to work with me on this, or suggest the best way to go about adding this info to the Wiki (for example, maybe just putting the cameo appearances on the individual characters' articles?) let me know and we'll chat!


Uuuughh. I'm sorry. Just looked a bit more through the Wiki and found the page on StreetPass Mii Plaza. Somehow I completely missed it by searching for other terms. Well that's a bit embarrassing!

Looks like it could still use an update, plus mentioning the cameos in other articles.
Okay, time to be practical. ;D

I see that the article for StreetPass Mii Plaza has been flagged for a while as being suggested for merging to a References article. In its Talk page, someone suggests passing on the article to Nintendo Wikia; they now have an article and it's significantly expanded. Anyway, I agree with putting the Mii Plaza article contents in the References article, because much of the app has nothing to do with the Mario series.

One issue: Mii Plaza has its own gallery on the Wiki, and it's pretty big and includes some non-Mario images. There's a bit too much to merge into References, but I wouldn't want the gallery to be purged. Should we just leave the Mii Plaza article and gallery alone for now?


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Oh, you're right. I was thinking of the logos and somehow thought there were more non-Mario images.

Thanks for the input, and hello as well! :luigi:

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I'm wondering if, rather than move the whole lot to the references page, as there is quite a lot of Mario content so it would be a huge section, whether it's perhaps worth merging the gallery and the article? I'd say it's closer to a guest appearance than simply a reference, so I reckon merge any missing information to the Nintendo Wiki, and cut our article down to only the Mario related stuff and a basic description of the software. At the moment, it's not even a complete article for it, as six games (Streetpass Explorers, Streetpass Ninja, Streetpass Chef, Streetpass Fishing, Streetpass Trader and Streetpass Slot Racer) and several other modes are missing, so it's not even a full article at the moment. It's kind of halfway between the two.
That sounds good, BBQ Turtle. (nice name!) That way, the References article could still list the Mario stuff with shorter-form descriptions, and perhaps a Main Article template?

I'm going to write some drafts of the changes tonight and post them here.