Joy Cons Awful Lag


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My brother has a Switch Pro Controller, so I use that to play games most time, but when I want to play like Captain Toad, or use the motion controls in Odyssey, I always grab the Joy Cons, think "Aw what, these things are cool, why did I stop using them?" followed shortly by "Oh christ, thats why."

The buttons on these things 20% of the time refuse to work. Sometimes the B button will get hit by a 30 second span where the button is delayed by several seconds. Sometimes the B button won't godang work. Sometimes the ZR button won't stop when I let go of it, its painful.

How do I fix this?

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The Switch needs the Joy-Cons to be close by at least a couple feet. I was on vacation playing SMO from a bed about five feet away from the docked console, and sometimes I pressed a button and nothing happened at all. Not sure if this will help but whatever.