a delicious beverage
Well, today is a sad day. I whipped out my PSP on the bus, hit the switch, only to find that the LCD has been damaged beyond repair somehow. I know how to fix it, but I don't have the money atm to buy a new LCD, so it looks like I'll be going a while, without what is possibly my favourite handheld game, echochrome.

If any of you haven't played this, which is probably alot, I would seriously reccomend it. Its simplistic sure, but the gameplay is fantastic, and the levels are just a minute or two long, which makes it great for portable play. I haven't played many puzzle game, apart from like, Captain Toad, but I doubt any I do play would live up to the quality of echochrome.

Its on PSP and PS3, so I'd highly reccomend you guys check it out.