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Fanta Streams Nintendo Challenge Runs!

Hey all! I like to play Challenge Runs of various Nintendo games. They bring new light into games I already love. If you have any suggestions for some, let me know. Examples of ones I play are:
- Pokemon Nuzlockes
- Randomisers (Mario and Pokemon)
- Time Trials (Mario Kart, 1080 Avalanche)
- VS friends (Smash Ultimate, Mario Maker)

I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. First console was the NES. My favourites are N64 and Switch.

Feel free to leave a message in chat if you're lurking. I'm always keen to talk about games, pop culture, your pets or whatever is going on in your life! :D

Additional: I also have a Youtube and TikTok where I post past streams and clips. Feel free to give 'em a look. :)

I'm looking to do more Game Dev streams in the future as well. For now I'll be doing them on this account but I may move them to a separate one in the future.
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