Choose and Type your own Adventure


Seems so long ago.

You choose a choice from the poster above.

After choosing a choice, you type out what happens...

However, after that you have to type more choices...

Plus don't always make one move in a "fight" and win.... Just make it interesting!

I'll start it off:

You wake up to find yourself in total darkness. You light a match that is in your pocket, put the flame in a lamp next to you, and you find out you're in a cave. You can see some mushroom thing over there... And, it is a Goomba. It appears to be hungry, and it has veins throbbing in its eyes. It also seems to have rabies. What do you do?

* Find a way out.
* Talk to the Goomba.
* Stomp the Goomba.

Just then, and angry Toadette walks out! "HEY!" she yells, "That was a science experiment to see if Goombas and Toads could be bred together!" You fell sorry for her. DO you............

*Apologize and go find a new Goomba?
*Ask her to help you get back home?
I say that I'm sorry, and I bring back another Goomba.

However, this was a REA Goomba, not the one that walks back and forth and can be squished easily.

As I leave I hear Toadette being mauled.

What do you do?

* Turn back and save her.
* Run away.

You rush back to find Toadette being attacked by this new Goomba-Toad crossbreed. "GIVE ME!" he says. "GIVE ME THE CRYSTAL OF ETERNAL POWER!' he screams. "No!" she shouts. "Never!" "OH, REALLY?" he questions. He goes over to some sand near a pond and some water, sucks them both up, then spits mud at Toadette. She quickly falls unconscious, throwing the Crystal of Eternal Power down into a tunnel.

Do you...........

*Wake Toadette up?
*Try to defeat the Toad/Goomba?
*Go get the Crystal of Eternal power?
Dr. Rabit has been stolen by Colgate. You must save him.

What do you?

A. Sneak into Dr. Robotnik's castle

B. Argue with Luigi about a stone football

C. Make The King Dinner

Needy Guy said:
Dr. Rabit has been stolen by Colgate. You must save him.

What do you?

A. Sneak into Dr. Robotnik's castle

B. Argue with Luigi about a stone football

C. Make The King Dinner


You have to add on to the current adventure.
After obtaining the Crystal Of Eternal Power,before you go to rescue Toadette and defeat the Goomba,the ground splits open and a portal appears. Almost the entire universe is sucked up but you manage to survive.
A.Turn the power off and laugh as you don't find a angry mole,as he's been sucked up.
B.Find the portal and save the world.
C.Make your own world.
D.Run around naked.
E.Think about the fact that if almost the entire universe had been sucked up,how did you survive.Then you write a book called "WTF".(after finding some paper)
F.Use your handy real-life Action Replay to encounter a load of Posh people in battle.You'd have to put up with Lisp Attack,remeber. :posh:

You make a world full of Bread, :yoshi: , and Creativity. Oh, and Umbrellas! You live ontop of the largest umbrella.

A: Close your umbrella.
B: Ride a Yoshi.
C: Eat bread.
D: Kill a Yoshi and put it's meat on a bread sandwich that you eat.
E: Create a very Creative Game with level editor.
F: Close your umbrella on a creative game that's riding a Yoshi and eating a Yoshi and Bread sandwhich.

While making your game, you decide to sell it to everyone after you finish. But, wait! Is that Yoshi screaming for help? Are you really abandoning him for money?

A: Go rescue Yoshi
B: Keep making the game

Yoshi hears about it, and gets mad and explodes. What do you?

A. Point out how illogical that is

B. Not care

C. Do the hokey-pokey

However, do you...

A: Flee to an island, then finish your game.

B: Run away from an angry mob of Yoshis.


C: Get eaten by a Goomba.

After escaping, you go to Mexico to eat tacos do you...

A. Stay in Mexico
B. Get Ye Flask
then when you you jump you active a P-Block wich opens a secret door you...

A.Go into the door
B.Run away from there
C.Stay in Mexico to eat even more tacos
The door closes behind you. You find yourself with a group of people playing the game you made!

A: Tell them you made the game
B: Ask to play the game.
C: Explore further.

One of them just say "'K" and they went back to the game. Next you look around. There is a small cave over there and above you is a door. What do you do?

A. Beat the guys up.
B. Leave by going into that cave over there or
C. Jump up to the door.

Other than all of that you remember the beginning of your journey...