Super Mario Wiki User Page Deletion Help

Posted this elsewhere, but this seems a more apt place to ask.

I need some help. I made a hilariously cringe worthy SMW user page way back when I was much younger. I wish to delete this now because it contains some personal details that a much more ignorant younger version of my self stupidly put on it for the world to see. I had forgotten the account's password, but when I tried the Reset Password option, it didn't work. I put in my username verbatim as it was on my SMW user page and typed in my email address, but received no email despite website saying I did.

Any help?

Petra Macneary

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Unfortunately, I can't help you with your email situation, but if you want your userpage deleted send me a PM with the username you used on the wiki and I'll take care of it.


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For future reference, any page you want to have deleted can be marked with {{delete|REASON}}, and an administrator will review it.