Spunks Spooks: Archipelago Adventure (Fangame)


Hey, all. I'm currently working on a fangame using a modified version of Game Maker's Hello Engine, complete with a graphical overhaul, starring an adventurous boo as the main character. I intend to make it a pretty ambitious project, or at least, to the best of my abilities. Each level will be completely distinctive from each other, and level design itself will be my top priority. The gameplay functions overall like a Mario game, but I would say the atmosphere I'm trying to capture resembles closer to that of a Wario Land title (or Wario Land 4, specifically, which is what I'm most inspired by).

So far, I only have two levels finished (the tutorial and first level), which I will have YouTube videos up of soon. Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated. I want to make this simply a fun romp for fans of platformers, and I'm more than accepting of advice from others.

Thanks for your time~ :yoshi: Here are some snaps in the meantime for anyone interested:

Title screen:

Unfinished Island 1 map:

At the start:

Throwing carrots in the garden:

Over the bridge:

Through the corridor:



To the Goal Pole:

Right above:

Past the Push Block:

In the vegetable patch:

Many flowers:


Oh, and there will be full disclosure of credit to all sprite work and tilesets I've used.

For these images in particular, credit goes to:

A.J. Nitro - Map Tiles (Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3)
Bluxxon, Carnegie - Toad Town Interiors (Bowser's Inside Story)
Mors - 3D World Blocks
Imaddo - Red Furniture
Alien - Goomba (Mario Party Advance)
Neoriceisgood - 100 Furniture Sprites
Toadgui - MLSS House Extras
Ken Martin - Custom Luigi's Mansion Stuff
Damarioman - Super Mario Bros. 3 Paper Mario's House
Phoenix-849 - Don't Let Him In
Pikafan8 - New Super Mario Bros. Inspired Custom Tileset
Fchez - Super Mario Bros. 3 Styled Kirby's Adventure Pack
A.J. Nitro - Mushroom Kingdom (Superstar Saga)
Jdaster64 - Hollijolli Village Outskirts (Partners in Time)
Knight Nappse - Knight Nappse Tileset 2.0


Been a while since I updated. Not sure if anyone's interested, but either way, I've redeveloped the levels, and have the first few videos up.

Tutorial House:

Garden of Glory:

Temple Time (teaser):