The Official Game Scheduling Thread

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Because PMs and individual threads just don’t cut it.

On this thread, you set times that you’ll be online in certain games. This generally requires players to register each other as friends or join an online community, but every one of Nintendo’s online services happens to be (almost) dead except for MK7, MK8, SMO, SSB4, Splatoon, Splatoon 2, and ARMS. If the game you want to play isn’t listed there, you probably don’t need any prior setup to join a game.

Additionally, some people (including me) are pretty bad at staying true to schedules. If for any reason you have scheduled a game and cannot attend it, just post here and cancel your time setup.

All times are subject to change.

Due to the fact that we all live in different time zones, this thread uses GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to schedule games. Click here to easily convert your local time to GMT. Below is the master list.

Mario Golf: World Tour
Match type: Skins Match
Community name: Skins Match Tour
Community ID: 33-4320-2683-1834
Joining starts: TBD
Game starts: TBD
Max players: 4
Host: YoshiFlutterJump

Doctor Healmore

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Easter Yoshi said:
I bet no one plays this game anymore, but I’ll be hosting a community skins match. The joining period lasts until 7 PM EDT, about 1.5 hours from the time I’m posting this. As it is a skins match, it will not be held in the standard MW community. If you would like to join, the community code is 33-4320-2683-1834.

To join, just start the game and tap Mario Golf > Vs. > Community Match > Enter Code, then type in the above code and close your 3DS until the start of the game. I’m that guy named “Garrison” in the P1 slot, in case you need it.

Additionally, chat for the game takes place in our wiki IRC channel. You can get there by clicking “chat” in the top toolbar.

Here’s the current time in my area if you need it:

EDIT: Because nobody joined by 7 PM, I am extending the joining period until 8 PM EST. After that, if there are still no participants, you can PM me to reopen the game.
I’ll just post it here as well.

EDIT: Nobody joined by the deadline, so the game is now closed. You can still ask me to reopen it via PM if you would like to play.