Congratulations, Wayoshi!


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Congrats, man, on being our new bureaucrat! To repeat some of the comments I left on your talk page:

You've always been like a de-facto bureaucrat in my eyes. Now you're a real one!
What was he before? I kinda figured he was uber-head-jefe anyway...

Or is that Mr. Steve?
No kidding. You're synonimous with the Wiki, it seems like. Yes, I know I mispelled that, but I don't care! FREE YOURSELF FROM SPELLING!

I'm only kidding... but, Wayoshi, we bow to your wow... woof.
Yeah, congrats. Also, congratulations to you too, Yoshi626 for becoming the MarioWiki's next sysop. :)
I still have no idea what a sysop is, but congradulations.
I will soon begin opporation suck-up. Watch out, or you'll be like my middle school teachers and love me... until... wait... I'm not telling you the next part. You'll see, you wonderful, smart, brave, ladies' man you.