Never ending way to take over the INTERWEBZ.


Seems so long ago.
In this topic we post stuff on how to take over the Internet...

Yet there's tons of (Impossible and crazy) things you have to do!

I'll start it off...

First you have to eat Yushee with a spork, then you have to Rick Roll...

Nerdy Guy

No, you have to do a Google search for "Google", than you click the thing that says "Results for Google on Google", the internet than goes into paradox time.

You then go into the control box when everybody rushes to firgure out what's wrong with Google.

You push a button and...


You rule the internet!


Seems so long ago.
However, you only control a small part of it.

Next you'll have to say "OVA DERE" and make sure that everyone looks that way to...


Seems so long ago.
Anyway, you have to stare Weegee to death... WITH your eyes closed while juggling...


happiness stole from a different forum.
After that, you have to steal a cookie from the daughter of the boss of Google...

Jesus Freak

King Bowser
...........Causing her to cry. She deafens her dad with the crying so that he can't communicate with his co-workers and Google crashes. You offer to start a search engine. With the money that you get, you fly to all the owners of internet pages and force them to give ownership to you, then INTERNET GET!