Do you like Barack Obama?


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It's about time we actually got a president with brains.

And his work with stem cell research policies is fantastic. We really need this.


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Z3r0 Tw0 said:
Yes. His plans on protecting wildlife refuges in Alaska are quite pleasing.
Let's not forget his plans to help the economy and withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, I hope our country does the same.


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Like Stooby said, it's about time we get a president who knows what the f*** they're doing.


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I didn't particularly like George Bush, and yes he did not know what the f*** he was doing. YAY BARACK! ^__^

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He's...................... OK................................... but what I don't like is that he supports abortion.


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The way I see it, he can't screw up any worse than Dubya did. ;)

I just hope that the stimulus package will be enough to bring the economy out of the crapper.