Modified Wii Wheel

Rosalina Spalko

I'm just confused as you are.
While not exactly Nintendo themed persey....

I altered my Wii Wheel for my art class.... and what came out of it was something that still worked....



Lario said:

I'm glad you're back.

yeah, this wheel brought me back XD I almost forgot about this place...
It reminds me of a helm. It looks fantastic. =)

Does it have a B button presser thingy?
Yes, this is just a wii wheel shell which I had painted up and edited; it plays like a normal wheel once you take the black bar backing off of it.

It needs a finish, but other than that it plays better since the handles on the sides keep my hands from going all over the place. (has a nasty habit of wanting to put both hands on the top of the wheel)