I'm very sorry


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So if you missed when it was up, I outed myself as Mafia in Bonesy's Rick and Morty Mafia. My thought process at the time was that nobody really cared that I would do it, and really I just wanted this to end quicker so Bones wouldn't be burdened by this game any longer than he had to. This was clearly the wrong thing to do, and I deeply apologize for it. I would never do anything like that under normal circumstances. I should have just left it alone instead of outing myself. It was a dumb joke and a misguided attempt to move things along.

I am dropping out of Rick and Morty Mafia and any other mafia games I am currently signed up for.


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tried to think of something to post but I couldn't think of anything more than tl;dr it's a stupid mistake, don't beat yourself up too hard about it, just try to think before memeing again


Donkey Kong
I should be alright by tomorrow, but boy am I messed up at the moment. This coupled with being up this late and my medication wearing off is really doing a number on me.

Another thing I forgot about this whole thing was exactly why Mafia is treated more seriously than the other games around here. It takes weeks, sometimes months of preparation, and almost as long to play. I thought of what I did as trying to get it over with, but really I was just making months of preparation and playtime all for naught. I failed to see that people probably still do want to play this. Heck, I'm sure if Bones had it his way, we'd be playing right now. Real life gets in the way sometimes, and that appears to be especially true recently for whatever reason. Either way, I hope this drought ends eventually so you guys can play once more. It's been an honor playing with you guys.