The Mushroom Kingdom (Phase 58)

This is pretty long now. I'd like you to keep in mind that the story starts kind of lame, and pretty simple. It gets better, and starts splitting into multiple story threads. Thank you.

What will happen when Mario is killed by a mysterious weapon? When Queen Peach goes insane? This saga is The Mushroom Kingdom.

This has been designed like a script.



The Mushroom Kingdom
By Magikoopa189

Blood Party

(It is a sunny day. There appears to be a large party currently taking place, in a large field. A nearby sign states “Staph Fields”. An overhead sign reads: “Mario Party 13 Opening”. Nearby is a group of tents selling various products, mostly foods. In the center of a stage, Mario stands, waving for the crowd (Mario looks a little aged), with a Toad at his side. For two seconds, a target like at the front of a gun is shown over Mario. The scene quickly switches to a 16 year old girl, buying a mushroom. The vendor starts snickering)

Vendor: Heh heh. Like mushrooms just like yer pop, huh?

Girl: Shut up.

(Girl starts to recede back into crowd)

Vendor: Ehh, where’d you learn language like that, young lady?

Girl: Get lost.

(Girl quickly disappears into crowd. She is shown pushing through people, various Toads, Piantas, Koopas, and other species. The scene switches back to Mario)

Mario: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen of all kinds. Today, we celebrate-

(Mario quickly wipes brow with handkerchief. A quick shot reveals he is glancing at a group of Koopas, who don’t seem to notice that he is staring at them. Another three seconds shows the gun target moving over to Mario, slowly positioning itself.)

Mario: Yes, um, today, we celebrate the 13th Mario Party. At exactly 6:00 the next day, we will hold the party, but today, I shall announce the players who get to attend, the greatest Mario Party in history-

(Shot is completely positioned over Mario. The girl is shown again, contemplating a memory, of three years ago, right before Mario Party 10. Edges are blurry, signifying a memory sequence)

Mario: I’m afraid you’re still not old enough, Celistar.

Celistar: What?! But…but…but this is the 10th Mario Party! The…greatest of them all...Mario Party 10…

Mario: It’s simply against the rul-

Celistar: But it’s YOUR game…you…you can bend the rules!

Mario: I’m very sorry, but…

Celistar: Why do you do this? You’re Mario…you’re a Super Star! A…And you’re the King! Why…?

Mario: No.

Celistar: But…

Mario: NO!

(Celistars voice sets in as Celistar is shown running up castle stairs. It is then apparent they were in a castle)

Celistar: I ran up to my room, and I cried. I pouted for hours, and stayed in my room until the next morning. My father and I eventually talked again, and things felt normal, but I knew…I knew…there was still a chasm over our relationship…and I also knew…that there was something important about Mario Party 10…it was something my father talked about for months afterward, as he was contemplating Mario Party 13…the next “Important” Mario Party…what did it mean…? What…

(Suddenly a gunshot goes off. The scene switches to Mario laying on the stage, the Toad right next to him screaming. People in the crowd are screaming too. Celistar is in a daze, and hasn’t seen anything, but fears the worst. She steps up the platform, passing people in the crowd. Doctor Toads hurry to and fro, desperately looking for something. Celistar stares, and faints, falling off the stage, right onto the ground, people are torn between staring at Mario or his daughter, and the chaos only builds. The scene darkens…)

(The light slowly returns. Celistar is lying on a bed in the Castle. Toads scurry around. Queen Peach enters the room, and sees that Celistar is awake.)

Peach: Celistar! My beautiful girl… (She starts to cry as she hugs Celistar)

Celistar: Mom…what’s…?

(A short memory scene shows Mario being shot. Instantly, Celistar remembers everything.)

Celistar: Oh…oh god…

Peach: It’s okay…It’s…

Celistar: Is…Dad…alive?

Peach: You saw him shot. You saw him fall to the ground…didn’t you?

Celistar: But…I thought…maybe…

Peach: I’m sorry…no…his funeral was an hour ago.

Celistar: I-WHAT?

Peach: We held a big funeral for your father. It was almost like a twisted Party.

Celistar: You…You buried him…without me?

Peach: You’ve been asleep for two days-

Celistar: You…you could’ve waited. But…you…didn’t…

Peach: I’m so sor-

Celistar: You can’t say anything! You had no excuse to bury him without me!

Peach: We didn’t know how long you’d be asleep…

Celistar: Argh! Damn…damn you!

Peach: Please dear, don’t-

(Celistar runs from the room, up stairs, and into her room. Various objects are littered around the room, including some “Video Game Historical Accounts” of various Mario incidents.)

(Celistars voice sets in)

Celistar: I would often have bits and moments of anger. I’d run somewhere and just sit and think for hours. My earliest memory was an anger run. Slamming a door…running into something dark. I’d often have nightmares of that moment. Of running…straight into the thing. The Dark Thing of my nightmares. Is it a symbol? Is it a truth? Is it really a memory? I…

(Rapid knocks on the door)

Peach: Honey dear? Please open…Inspector Kooper is here…

Celistar: Get lost. Now.

Peach: Dear, you can’t stay mad all day…

Celistar: Yes, I can. (Hesitates) What does the Inspector want?

Peach: He want’s to ask you about the murder, of course.

Celistar: (Hesitates) Okay. But just him.

(An audible sigh is heard. Then Inspector Kooper enters)

Inspector Kooper: Hello Celistar. I’ve heard you’ve had quite the-

Celistar: Make it quick. I’m in a bad mood.

Inspector Kooper: Yes, well, I need to ask you a few questions about the-ahem-murder.

Celistar: Yes? (Gritting teeth)

Inspector Kooper: First, what time would you say it was when Mario was-ahem-shot?

Celistar: About…3:30. Maybe 3:31.

Inspector Kooper: Erm, yes, yes, good. (Starts writing on notepad)

Celistar: Isn’t there someone else you can bother about this?

Inspector Kooper: Er, yes, we already asked about 10 witnesses. But we need all the evidence we can get.

Celistar: Fine, but as I said, I can’t sit and answer your questions all day.

Inspector Kooper: Erm yes yes, second, what was the-ahem-last word you heard your father say?

Celistar: (Closes eyes for a few seconds) …Er, I think…”No”? I…or was it history? No…history…? I…

Inspector Kooper: Erm, yes yes, that’s very good. And all…yes. One last-ahem-question.

(Celistar is visibly annoyed at the ahems)

Inspector Kooper: Erm, yes, the final question… (Pauses)…Did…did you see where the shot came from? It seems to have come from a new weapon. A mini Bullet Bill cannon. Perhaps…held in the hand, yes…

(Celistar stands, eyes closed, thinking, a scene is shown. On the hill, a Toad…is running down the hill. Nobody else notices. Celistar just barely notices him, but the memory comes back almost violently now. Celistar opens her eyes)

Celistar: (Whispering) What…?

Re: The Mushroom Kingdom

It is dark, isn't it?

This chapter is a little short, however, I promise the next one will be bigger!

Apprentice of Darkness

(The Scene opens on Bowser’s Castle. Koopatrols are lined up against the wall, side by side. At the end, Bowser sits on a throne. A young Magikoopa is walking up the carpet, towards Bowser)

Bowser: Ah, I see you have returned, apprentice. Have you news of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Apprentice: Yes, sir, yes. (Gulps) I have learned, sir, that Mario is dead.

Bowser: Did…did I just hear…those words…?

Apprentice: Yes, sir. A funeral was held about 10 Hours ago. Strangely, his daughter did not attend.

Bowser: Bah! I don’t care if she was there or not, but…who killed him? Did one of those worthless squadrons finally…?

Apprentice: No sir. He…was assassinated under unknown circumstances…

Bowser: Wha...?

Apprentice: He was shot with a…”Gun”. It fires mini bullet bills that pierce flesh and bone…it’s amazing. The design was dropped off by an unknown-

Bowser: How? Who came here?

Apprentice: We found an envelop outside. We tested it for Bob-ombs, but it seemed safe…and it was. Inside, we found designs…brilliant, ama-

Bowser: Are they fast?

Apprentice: What?

Bowser: Are they fast boy? Are these “Guns” fast?

Apprentice: Yes sir. (Beaming) And they pierce flesh and-

Bowser: Yes, yes. Wonderful. Go to the Engineers, and demand they start making these…”Guns” immediately.

Apprentice: Yes, yes sir. Ten are already being made!

Bowser: Yes, yes. Make more…more! More and more!

Apprentice: Yes, yes sir! (Apprentice turns and leaves)

Bowser: (Talking to himself, quietly) Yes…Even without these “Guns” the time to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom is finally here. Mario was the ONLY thing keeping me from ruling. Yes…everything…everything is going…the way it should have…years ago…

(Bowser ponders quietly. The scene changes to the Apprentice, running past engineers, shouting out orders quickly. A short scene shows engineers pondering over the instructions. Eventually, the Apprentice arrives on a Castle Balcony, looking out over a dreary landscape.)

Apprentice: (Speaking to himself) I wonder…wonder wonder wonder…where would I be now…if my I hadn’t become an orphan?

(A scene shows a younger apprentice, but looking like a normal Koopa, with two older Koopas. Suddenly, a strange beast leaps out from over a ledge, and crashes down on one Koopa. Its head is smashed in, and the body falls to the ground. The young apprentice gasps, and starts to back away, the other Koopa protecting it. The beast also jumps on the Koopa, killing it. The beast jumps away, ignoring the younger Koopa. After a few moments, he starts to weep, his parents dead, and he alone in a wildeland. Suddenly, a hand reaches out to the young apprentice, and he takes it.)

Bowser: That beast…did it kill your parents?

(Koopa nods, tears still coming out)

Bowser: That beast just killed a good friend of mine…Kammy. I need a new friend. Will you be my friend?

(The scene jumps back to the regular Apprentice, laughing)

Apprentice: Ha ha ha…friend. He needed a new Magik, and I, I am the one destined to become the next Magik…ha ha…Mario…I loathed you and I hated you…and you crafted my destiny. So…I shall craft your daughter’s destiny. Ha ha ha…

(Apprentice looks out over the land, and then leaves back into the castle)

(Scene once again changes to a city. A sign reveals it is Mushroom City. Toads scurry everywhere. Dotted here and there are Koopas. The scene moves closer to one in particular, who is holding the end of a sword, with the point just barely sticking out of his cloak. The Koopa scurries towards Mushroom Castle, which is visible in the distance, in front of Toad Town)

(It is dark. A young girl is running through a dark hallway. It is Celistars nightmare. The little girl pushes through a door, right into a black, cloaky figure. The figure starts to turn, but the dream completely blacks out.)

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I'm too scared!
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 2)

Darkness Beginning

(It is Peach’s Castle yet again. SLAM. Celistar is heading to breakfast. She pushes past various Toads’, who start to turn around, but think better of it. She sits down, half asleep, and still in a bad mood from yesterday.)

Random Toad 1: Good morning Princess Celistar. What would you like for breakfast today?

Celistar: Don’t…call…me princess. (Mumbling) I’ll get…cereal.

Random Toad 1: Er, but Princess-er, Celistar, I…we have stoves…

(Celistar ignores the Toad and starts to pour some cereal. The Toad looks down)

Random Toad 1: Well, er, if you need any help, I…well, I’ll be in the next room.

(Random Toad 1 leaves. Celistar pours milk)

Celistar: This…is going to be a bad day.

(Scene switches to later, sometime in the afternoon. Peach and various Toads are having a meeting. In the very back, almost unnoticeable, Celistar is staring ahead with a board look in her eyes.)

Toad: And we STILL haven’t discussed Bowser!

Toad 1: Yes! We need a kingdom protector.

Peach: Yes, but who will step to the task…? Luigi…

(A short moment of discomfort occurs. It is apparent some kind of incident happened with Luigi. Celistar is looking with half interest)

Toad 2: Yes, well, we know what happened to Luigi…

Toads: Yes, yes.

Peach: Well, who could we employ?

Celistar: (Interested) Ahem…

Toad 1: Well, what about YOU Toad? Didn’t you protect the Mushroom Woods once from that awful scoundrel…?

Toad: No. My days are over with fighting.

Celistar: Ahem.

Peach: Well…we COULD try DK…

Toad 2: That insane Ape? I never understood why Mario invited that thing to the parties…

Celistar: AHEM.

(Everyone stares at Celistar)

Peach: Yes, my little star?

Celistar: What if…I…?

Peach: Dear, you’re not fit for that kind of work.

Celistar: I-What?

Peach: Selly, you’re just a little girl. Those are big, bad scary turtles…

Celistar: First off, you sound ridiculous. Those turtles are not “Scary”. They kill off 20 Toads a year, and their insane leader captures you almost every year, and-

Peach: That’s beside the point. They’re just too strong for you dear. Maybe we could train you to fight some Goombas…

Toad 2: That might be too dangerous, my queen…

Celistar: Brown LUMPS? You think I can’t handle brown LUMPS? And you, mom-didn’t you fight Bowser himself on Vibe Island?

Peach: Oh honey. Mario taught me a few skills. But Mario isn’t here to teach you.

Celistar: I could learn! I-

Peach: You’re still tired. I think you should go to bed.

Celistar: But I-

Peach: Take a nap. You’ll feel better.

Celistar: …You make me sick.

(Leaves. But Celistar doesn’t go to room. She wanders outside the castle. It is a sunny day, just like in Phase 1.)

(Celistar’s Voice Moment)

Celistar: How could my mother-the queen-have no faith in me? I was the daughter of Mario. And the…once…most beautiful princess in the kingdom. If Mario was here…maybe…

(Memory, outside the castle. Mario and Celistar are by themselves. Celistar looks 8)

Celistar: Daddy…will you teach me to fight? I want to beat up those mean Koopas…

Mario: Maybe some day, when you’re older…the 13th Mario Party…

Celistar: Why? I wanna learn now. Why do we have to wait for some dumb party?

Mario: (Smiles) everything…will be perfect…

Celistar: But…

Mario: HELP!

Celistar: Da-daddy?

Mario: It’s an attack!

(Suddenly scene shifts, and Celistar is sitting on steps outside the castle. A Toad is running up the hill screaming. In the distance, behind him, a Koopa with a sword is leaping up the Hill)

Celistar: Wha…what?

Random Toad 2: It’s a Koopa! He’s here to kill us all!

Celistar: I…have to warn everybody…but…

(A scarred Toad suddenly jumps in, preparing to fight the Koopa, with a sword)

Wes: Run Cel! You can’t fight without a sword!

Celistar: But…

Wes: Just run and warn them!

(Celistar hesitates, and then runs into the castle, and into the meeting room)

Peach: Selly! What are you doing here? I thought I told you-

Celistar: There’s no time! There’s a Koopa here…and he has a sword.

Peach: That’s called a nightmare-

Celistar: MOM! What is wrong with you? Why do you always talk like I’m-Forget it…he’s…

(CRASH! In the background, the giant main door crashes open, with the Toad struggling with the Koopa. He is continually drawn back)

Penter: I…can’t…keep…him…out!

Peach: What is…?

(Penter suddenly switches course, so that his back is to the Grand Staircase, and that the Koopa’s back is to Celistar. Celistar spots a nearby chair, and with a quick (Enough) motion, smashes it down on the Koopa’s head. He falls to the ground, never even seeing his attacker. A few moments of shocked silence)

Celistar: That…was a little too easy.

Penter: He was strong, but stupid.

Peach: What…what was he doing here?

Penter: What do you think? He was here to kill the Royal Family.

Peach: Yes…Bowser is already plotting.

Penter: This is not one of Bowser’s. He does not have the Dark Mark. A symbol of Dark Land.

Celistar: Er…is he dead.

Penter: No. Although, you gave him quite a nasty bump. He’ll be asleep for at least a day.

Celistar: Oh…okay. (Looks nervous)

Peach: Well, that was a good effort, but you need to stay away from bad Koopas like these!

Celistar: But-

Penter: Your mother is right. You should go to your room.

Celistar: You can’t be serious! I-

Peach: No arguing! Arguing is an unprincessy thing.

Celistar: You made that word up!

Peach: Beside the point. Good night.

(Celistar leaves. Penter quietly follows her. As she is about to leave the castle, ignoring her orders again, Penter stops her.)

Penter: Wait.

Celistar: I’m not going. What if I hadn’t been there, to see him coming? Those Toads would’ve just ran away, and you-

Penter: I know. That’s why I have a good feeling about you.

Celistar: Wait…what?

Penter: I can feel…a sort of disorder about you. It is the feeling of luck, radiating away from you. If trained, you could be the cause of many destinies.

Celistar: I…wait. You’re my father’s trainer aren’t you? The Toad with the scar?

Penter: (Chuckles) Yes. I taught your father many things. Although, he himself had the skill. He was also a master of destinies.

Celistar: What do you mean? Master of destinies?

Penter: In every lifetime, there are always 3 Masters of Destinies alive at the same time. They are souls that cause major events to happen. They are the deciders of the world’s ultimate destiny. Everyone has a destiny. But some people…have extra special destinies. You are one of those people, I believe. Now that your father is dead, you are the only Master I know of. Perhaps far, or near, there are 2 more. I believe it is my duty to train you…for you hold the world’s destiny.

Celistar: You…are nuts.

Penter: That’s what your father told me. (Chuckles) He decided the deaths and destinies of many.

Celistar: Well…if you will train me…

Penter: Even if I am wrong, you have a fighter’s spirit. You could be our protector. Those old Toad’s in there are foolish. They do not want their princess in danger. But I know…there is no one else…that can protect us. The rest will take too long to find.

Celistar: How will we…?

Penter: We will train in secret.

(Penter starts to leave)

Celistar: But when…?

Penter: As a Master of Destiny- You will have a talent for incredible luck. Our meeting will be the next time we find each other-just the right time. And you must always remember…There is luck to this, not just skill and power. You will see…you will see…

(Penter completely leaves)

Celistar: He’s completely batty. But…a chance to train. Fighting Koopas and the forces of evil just like my father…I can’t wait…

(Walks outside and looks at the sunset. After 3 seconds, the attacker Koopa is carried away, into a dungeon. And lastly, the scene switches once again. It is Celistar’s nightmare. She’s running again. This time, right before she runs into the room, she can hear a strange chanting…she runs in, bumps into the darkness…and all blacks out.)

Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 3)

To me it seems to dark to be Mario themed, but if it was something darker... like... um... Sonic themed, then I might liked it. It's just that it's hard to imagne something like the Mario series having a killing spree...
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 3)

Nerdy Guy said:
To me it seems to dark to be Mario themed, but if it was something darker... like... um... Sonic themed, then I might liked it. It's just that it's hard to imagne something like the Mario series having a killing spree...
Yes with the final sentence.

The Mario series doesn't feel right when bad arse.

But bad @$$ Goombas...

*Inserts a pic of one of those creepy looking Goombas from DeviantART here*
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 3)

Lario said:
Nerdy Guy said:
To me it seems to dark to be Mario themed, but if it was something darker... like... um... Sonic themed, then I might liked it. It's just that it's hard to imagne something like the Mario series having a killing spree...
Yes with the final sentence.

The Mario series doesn't feel right when bad arse.

But bad @$$ Goombas...

*Inserts a pic of one of those creepy looking Goombas from DeviantART here*
I don't want to imagne that...
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 3)

Nerdy Guy said:
Nintendoobsessed said:

No, it's not too be continued.

Are you reading and posting about every Phase just to complain about it? I don't mind. I'm glad to recieve any kind of comments, no matter how weird the situation.

Training of the Destined

(It is nighttime in Peach’s Castle. A figure in a cloak lurks ominously through the castle. The cloak is taken off. It is Celistar. She has wandered into the Great Library, and is opening a book. It is a World Atlas. The Map can’t be seen, although Celistar’s face is shown, looking closely at the map.)

Celistar: The distant northeast…the Alpha Ocean. The southwest…the Omega Ocean. The Northwest…the Lava Field. And the Southeast…the-

Penter: Ah. I see you are reciting the Impasses.

Celistar: Wah!

(Celistar quickly turns around, to find Penter smiling at her.)

Celistar: Er, yes. It’s always been a favorite of mine…

Penter: It is the same with me. I have always been looking for history and updates of the Impasses.

Celistar: So…so I have I.

Penter: Did you know…that there are old legends that we sailed from the Alpha Ocean?

Celistar: I…no.

Penter: It is all a giant mystery. Piece by piece.

Celistar: Yes…

Penter: You are anxious. Do you want to train?

Celistar: Yes…yes I do. Very…much.

Penter: (Smiles) I thought so. There is much for you to learn.

(They start to walk from the room and the scene changes, to deep in Bowser’s Castle. It is completely dark, but a wheezing voice is heard)

???: Heh eheh heh. Mario is dead. MARIO IS DEAD! Nyeh heh heh! It’s so funny. I hope he died painfully. Heh hehz hehz hehz COUGH HACK HOFF. And now, my father, my dear dear father…he’s going to take over the Mushroom Kingdom…with his dear, pretty Apprentice. Heh hehz hehz hehz COUGH HACK HOFF. Oh, my poor 6 brothers…they won’t earn anything for their services, because I will be the one to kill my father. Heh hehz hehz hehz COUGH HACK HOFF. And…the kingdom will be mine. My poor brothers…and sister. I will have to with them off. Heh hehz hehz hehz COUGH HACK HOFF.

(Back to Celistar and Penter, who are now in the Castle Garden.)

Penter: Becoming like your father will be the hardest task you will ever take on. Your father was an amazing man. He was inspiring and powerful. But you, just like your father, are a Master of Destiny. You must sharpen your luck and your power. That is when you will be successful.

Celistar: Sharpen my LUCK?

Penter: Yes. You will have to meditate.

Celistar: But I-

Penter: You WILL fight. We will start this training, by fighting, so that you can get the warm part of our training first.

Celistar: Okay with me.

Penter: Come at me, and try to punch me.

Celistar: What if-

Penter: Don’t worry. I have been in many fights. Now come at me.

(Celistar hesitates)

Celistar: Well…okay.

(Celistar leaps at him, slamming at him with her fist. Penter ducks down, dodging, grabs her legs, and slams her down.)

Penter: Ho ho ho. You can jump quite fast, and high. Perhaps not fast enough though.

Celistar: (Still lying on the ground) Ughhhhh…

Penter: It appears we will need to build your strength first. Now get up.

Celistar: (Struggles to get up, but then stands, a little shaken)

Penter: Here, take this. (Hands Celistar empty Flower pot)

Celistar: What am I going to do with this?

Penter: Your next task is to run around the castle, following the Garden Path.

Celistar: What?

Penter: You need to build your leg strength, and you need to be faster. Now run!

(Celistar hesitates, and then runs. She disappears down the path.)

Penter: (To Himself) She is much more talented then Mario. If she learns correctly, she could truly be the next protector of our Kingdom. (Looks at Castle) If only Peach would lose her strange foolishness…

(The “Camera” moves up to the night sky. It comes back down again, now on Yoshi’s Island. Moving to the inside of a hut, the large, old Yoshi Chief is sleeping. A shadow creeps out of the darkness, and pulls out a knife, and kills the chief. The shadow quickly scurries back. Morning comes, and Yoshi’s find him, panicking. The “Camera” moves into a Black Yoshi’s skin, and Celistar’s nightmare takes place again. Celistar is running. This time, she trips halfway through her journey. Everything is the same. Blackness)

Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 4)

Knives? Dead Mario?

Is this TV-14?
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 5)

The Plane Attack

(Darkness. A phone rings. A light is turned on, revealing Peach, looking tired, lying in bed. She grabs the bedside phone, and presses a button)

Peach: Yes?

(A few moments)

Peach: Oh my goodness! We’ll be there right away!


(Now it is morning. Celistar, Peach, and a group of Toads including Toadsworth are standing outside the castle. The Royal Plane is running. Toad’s are ushering the group inside the plane)

Peach: Now now, Selly. Please stop complaining. The Yoshi Chief died yesterday, and we MUST attend his funeral!

Celistar: Don’t call me Selly. I told you, call me Cel.

Peach: Oh Selly!

Toadsworth: Now now! Don’t argue with your mother!

Celistar: Well anyway, who’s going to rule the Kingdom while we’re gone?

(Penter appears)

Penter: I can protect the Castle. You enjoy your flight.

(Group finishes bordering the plane, and soon, it takes off. Celistar is sitting next to her obsessive mother, while Toadsworth sits across from them, near a window. A Toad sits next to him.)

Intercom: In 10 minutes, we will be landing on Yoshi’s Island. Enjoy your stay.

Celistar: Enjoy your stay at the funeral. (Snorts)

Peach: A princess does not scoff or snort.

Celistar: (Sighs)

Toadsworth: My my! What a beautiful view! Hmmm…Eh wot? Do any of you hear those popping noises? And what is that thing?

Toad 1: What is it Toadsworth?

Toadsworth: Why! It looks like-

(BOOM CRASH. Something blows the window open, sending shards of glass flying and with Toadsworth falling out the window. The Toad next to him tries to get away, but the wind force sucks him out. Celistar hangs onto her chair and Peach grabs onto her. Various Toads are hanging into their chairs as well)

Celistar: Mom…what…are you…doing?!?

Peach: Save meeeee!

(The Plane lands with a CRASH and a further shattering of glass. Peach is ripped out of Celistar’s grip and flies into an upper chair. A disturbing cracking sound occurs, and the entire event ends.)

Celistar: M-m-Mom?

(Silence, and then a Toad in the back groans)

Celistar: Mom…Mom!

(With surprising ignorance to the pain, Celistar leaps out of her chair, and runs to Peach. Her Head is down, and her face is not seen)

Celistar: Oh no! Oh no! No…not my mom too…

(Peach’s Head moves up)

Peach: What…dear…?

Celistar: Mom! You’re…you’re okay!

Peach: Of…course…I…am. Yesss.

(Peach, Celistar, and 4 Toads are walking away from the plane.)

Toad 1: I am pretty sure we have…er…landed on Yoshi’s Island. The foliage here is very thick…it’s what saved us, too.

Celistar: Looks like it. I think I spotted a Spear Guy earlier.

Toad 3: Oh no! Spear Guys? Aren’t they dangerous?

Toadbert: No. They only hate the Yoshi’s. I’m sure we’re safe from them.

(They continue walking on through various forests. They finally arrive at Yoshi’s Village)

Toadbert: How lucky! The forest we landed in is famous for its size. We could have easily gotten lost in the forest. What luck!

(Celistar blinks for a second)

Toad 2: Amazing. We could have died in there.

Peach: Now…now. Let’s…hurry…on.

Celistar: Why…are you pausing?

Peach: I wouldn’t know…

(Suddenly, 2 Yoshi’s come from the village. They start to panic, but quickly recognize the visitors)

Yoshi 1: Wa-washi!

Toad 3: Are they going to hurt us?

Peach: Who…is…our…group…Trans…lator?

Toadbert: Me. He said that they were worried, when they heard the crash. They were about to send a Search Party.

Peach: Okay…tell…him…to…send…us…to…the…Death…Hut.

Toadbert: Yashi-washi!

Yoshi 1: Yosh-wishi!

Toadbert: This way!

(They follow the path, while Celistar looks curiously around the village, and Toad 3 looks fearfully. They end up in a hut. There is an altar, where the Chief’s Body is lying, with flowers completely covering the body. Celistar looks on with no emotion.)

(The rest of the scene is various Yoshi noises. If I was to list them all, you would surely stop reading. To make a list of gibberish short, the scene ended with the Yoshi’s singing in a strange fashion, and Celistar looking like she was going to fall over with boredom. Peach is thinking about Toadsworth, and the various Toads’ are standing respectively. The scene ends)

(Bowser’s Castle. Through the windows, it is evening. Inside, it is perpetually night. Bowser is sitting on his throne, when the Apprentice comes to him.)

Apprentice: King Bowser, great one! The plot worked. Although our “Guns” continually hit the side of the plane, we fired a single Bullet Bill, and the window was blown open. I think we have killed at least one Toad. No…the plane crashed on Yoshi’s Island. Someone else must have died. Also, I recommend we practice a bit more with aiming-

Bowser: The plane crashed? Are they not all dead?

Apprentice: I do not-

Hamro: Lord Bowser, powerful one!

Bowser: Hrm?

(The Commander Hammer Bro, Hamro, runs into the room.)

Hamro: My favorite spy, a Spear Guy, has discovered that the Royal Family and a group of Toad’s have survived!

Bowser: WHAT?

Apprentice: Er, I-

Bowser: Apprentice…if you value your life, you will find the group, and you will eliminate them.

Apprentice: But, sir, haven’t I-

Bowser: You will track them down. You will kill them all. Even the Toad’s. Now go. You must do this by yourself, as to prove you are still worth something. And…make it a game. Make it…INTRESTING.


Apprentice: …Yes King Bowser, Emperor of Skill.

(As the Apprentice is leaving, he turns around and glares at Hamro, who smiles back, and disappears)

Hamro: King Bowser Sir, if I were you, I would get rid of your Apprentice. He is not-

Bowser: We will see how he does. And we will determine his worth.

Hamro: …Yes sir.

Bowser: Get out of my sight.

Hamro: …Yes. Goodbye, Lord Bowser.

(Hamro leaves. Bowser gets up, and looks out a window, looking over Darkland.)

Bowser: Someday, the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine. Bwa ha ha ha!

(A short scene with the ceremony for the Yoshi Chief ending, and with everyone getting their own hut to sleep in. Celistar immediately falls asleep, and falls into her dream. Everything is the same, with Celistar running into the darkness, the chanting, the tripping…never ending darkness, all around.)
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 6)

Apprentice Rising

(Daytime. The Plane Group are in Yoshi’s Village. Toadbert is making deals with the Yoshi’s to build a boat.)

Celistar: So we destroyed a famous airship, and lost Toadsworth so that we could look at some dead Yoshi?

Peach: Toadsworth…is…in…a…better…place.

Toad 1: It wasn’t just some dead Yoshi. It was the Yoshi Chief! Be respectful, Celistar!

Celistar: But Toadsworth-

Toadbert: The Yoshi’s have agreed to let us use one of their boats. And they’ve given me instructions to the Coast, where it’s located.

Peach: Wait…I…forgot…my…ring.

Toad 3: Please come back soon, Princess. There’s something unsettling about this island.

(Peach runs into hut)

(A crashing sound occurs, and a shriek. Suddenly, the Apprentice leaps out, with his wand straight to Peach’s neck. She is knocked out, and the Apprentice is roughly dragging her.)

Apprentice: Get back! All of you! I see your creeping! Now then, I’m taking your queen into the forest. You will not be able to move for 10 minutes. After the time is over, the chase begins. I like games, so I’ll give you a hint: I’ll be going in a straight line. That’s right. Just follow my line. And you’ll find the queen. Now then, Good Bye.

(Apprentice disappears into forest. The four Toads and Celistar stand shocked)

Toad 2: Oh nooo! What are we going to do?

Toad 3: He’ll kill her! He’ll kill her!

Celistar: No…I can’t let that happen. No…I WON’T let that happen. I’m going after her.

Toad 3: But…he’ll kill you too! And then the royal line will be gone!

Celistar: (Quietly) I can’t let her be killed. I’m going. Right now.

Toadbert: But what if-

(Looks to see that Celistar is already gone. Toad 3 panics, but they follow her. Scene switches to the Apprentice running through the forest. He knows that he is luring the rest after him. Back, far away, Celistar is jumping over braches and through trees. And further behind her, the Toads are desperately scrambling through the forest. Finally, Celistar arrives in a giant, cut out part of forest, with a shovel in the center. With mysterious speed, the Toad’s quickly catch up to her, gasping loudly.)

Toad 1: When…did…you learn…to…run…so fast?

Celistar: A little practice.

Toad 3: But-

(The Apprentice’s voice rises out of the ground, as if from an Intercom)

Apprentice: I’m glad you’ve made it to the game. Now, I have nothing against you, but my life is at stake, and I’d like to play a game. Haeh heh heh. I am currently underground, hiding in a small hole, and I have the princess with me. Around me are 15 Monty Moles. Each of them have a deadly surprise for you. If you dig over them, instead of me, they will leap up, and snap your head back, breaking your spine. Don’t try to hold your head back. They are also trained to fight. There is nothing else. If you find me, then you can do what you want. Have FUN!


Toad 3: This…this won’t work. We…we’ll have to leave the Queen…

Celistar: No…but…

Toad 2: What could we possibly do?

Celistar: We…have to dig.

Toadbert: Are you insane? You’ll…you’ll…

Celistar: I’ll…have to try.

(A short memory of Penter occurs)

Penter: As a Master of Destiny- You will have a talent for incredible luck. Our meeting will be the next time we find each other-just the right time. And you must always remember…There is luck to this, not just skill and power. You will see…you will see…

(Back to reality)

Celistar: Even if he is nuts…I still have to try.

Toad 1: What are you-HEY!

(Celistar has started to dig)

Toad 3: No-! No-! Stop! Stop!

Celistar: You guys better run. If I mess up…that mole will hunt you down.

(As the Toads back away in terror, Celistar’s shovel suddenly slices downward, like through air. Celistar leaps back, just as the Apprentice leaps up, knives in hand. He lands where Celistar was standing when she dug, and gets into a battle position.)

Apprentice: Queenie’s still in the pit. But it won’t matter. After I kill you…I’ll kill her, and…COUGH COUGH…excuse me. I’m being rather…grisly, aren’t I?

(Celistar stands shocked)

Apprentice: Heh heh. Usually, I’m quite a formal Koopa…but…due to the circumstances and situation; I’m getting rather NERVOUS about everything. But…I’m afraid that Bowser has given me the orders to end your lives. So…I can almost truthfully say I’m sorry…if you weren’t MARIO’S DAUGHTER!

(Apprentice leaps at Celistar. She falls on her back, with the Apprentice standing over her. As Celistar starts to roll by instinct, the Apprentice throws a knife where she was, leaving him with one. As he attempts to reach the knife, Celistar leaps up kicks him onto his back, on the ground. The second knife he is holding goes flying into the forest, where a cry sounds from. Celistar quickly grabs the knife on the ground, but the Apprentice still has a wand, which he uses to knock the knife from Celistar’s hand. It disappears. The Apprentice leaps up, leaving Celistar without a weapon and the Apprentice with his wand)

Apprentice: So, Sellytar, it looks like your one weapon short. What are you going to do now?

Toad 1: Celistar! Selly!

(Celistar whips around, and sees Toad 1 holding a knife. He throws it to her)

Toad 1: Er…Celistar…maybe we underestimated you…please…save the queen…

(He disappears, and Celistar is forced to faced the Apprentice by herself)

Apprentice: This…this won’t make a difference…this won’t…

(Suddenly, the Apprentice’s face distorts to panic, he steps back)

Apprentice: Oh no…why did I have to have THAT kind of knife?

Celistar: …What?

(Apprentice continues to step back, looking like he’s preparing something)

Celistar: (Quietly to herself) I have to throw the knife…he’s getting too far away…no…I could grab mom and run…but no…he’s about to launch something…I…I…

(She quickly throws the knife at the exact time that the Apprentice launches a spell. He sees the knife coming, and shrieks “NO!” but the spell is already going, and when the knife hits it, it is absorbed into the knife, causing the wand to shatter into pieces of wood. The Apprentice panics and jumps back at an angle near where the Toads are hiding.)

Apprentice: You…you…how…how did you know?!?

Celistar: It was…luck. Just plain luck.

Apprentice: Arrgghhhh! I’ll, I’ll… (He steps back) This isn’t over…Bowser won’t let it be…I…

(The Apprentice starts to run away. Celistar pauses, and then turns around and drags Peach out of the pit. As she is checking if Peach is okay, a loud cry comes from behind. The Apprentice has grabbed Toadbert, and is escaping with him.)

Apprentice: This is only the beginning, Princess! This world is evil…and everyone in it. I’m only the introduction to the true terror! Ha hah hah ha!

(Soon, the Apprentice’s voice fades away, and Celistar stands shocked. A short rumbling occurs, to which Celistar includes is the digging of the Monty Moles, underground, leaving the scene. The other three Toad’s come back into the clearing. Toad 3 is crying.)

Toad 3: He’s-He’s-He’s taken Toadbert!

Toad 1: A brave effort Celistar…even more then that. You have saved Queen Peach, but…Toadbert…

(An uncomfortable silence occurs, and after a few moments, Peach wakes up mumbling)

Peach: I…can’t…find…my…ring…?

(The entire screen goes dark, to which the mysterious, wheezing voice from Bowser’s Castle comes in)

???: COUGH HACK HOFF. The darkness…I love how it creeps into my soul…how it demands me to take what I get. The darkness…it occurs everywhere. No matter what they think…there is darkness in everything…darkness…COUGH HACK HOFF…it’s beautiful…and so ugly…COUGH HACK HOFF…

Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 6)

The Dead and The Lost

(Peach’s Castle. It is silent. The Toads are walking around, nervous. No one knows what has happened to the attendance party. News reports indicate that the plane crashed into the ocean. Various discussions are starting, on the new ruler. Suddenly, the Great Door creaks open. It is Peach and Celistar. Behind them, three weary Toads follow close behind. A huge commotion occurs. A few Toads notice Peach’s strange, new speaking. Others are ignorant from happiness. Celistar steps back, and slowly weaves around the crowd, toward the Library. Sneaking past happy Toad’s, she walks in and sits. The silence is calming. After a few seconds, Penter weaves in.)

Celistar: Why do you always appear like that?

Penter: It is my way, after so many fights and struggles.

Celistar: …

Penter: I hear you had quite an experience. The Toad’s told me.

Celistar: And Peach…?

Penter: She doesn’t remember anything, apparently. She has a strange speech impediment now…some of the Toad’s suspect it’s more then just a speech problem, however.

Celistar: Why are you telling me this? My mother is perfectly fine.

Penter: …You asked me.

Celistar: (Groans) what are you doing here, anyway?

Penter: I heard you had quite an adventure, and I wanted to discuss it.

Celistar: How? What’s to it?

Penter: The Toad’s have told me that you had to play a game of chance- a 1:15 chance, that is. And obviously…you have survived.

Celistar: That…was…

Penter: Luck. And…you faced some shadowy figure who worked straight for Bowser. Bowser’s forces are not chosen lightly, and someone DIRECTLY linked to him?

Celistar: …

Penter: And you had a knife fight with this Koopa? Incredibly foolish…and brave…

Celistar: I was trapped. There was nothing else I could have done. If I had turned around, and ran, he would have stabbed me, or thrown the knife…and my mom...

Penter: Yes…but even still, you destroyed his wand.

Celistar: But Toadbert was captured…and Toadsworth was killed…

Penter: Yes…about that…

(Library door crashes open. Toads rush in)

Random Toad: Peach! I mean, Celistar! We’re having a party! Come on! Oh, and you too, Penter!

(Toad’s practically drag Celistar out, while Penter is left to walk behind)

Penter: They mean so well, and sometimes this world seems perfect…like some game…but…I can sense it…the coming chaos…

(Penter leaves the room. All is quiet.)

(Scene switches to party. Constant shouts and laughter are apparent, and sometimes, somebody screams from enjoyment. There are Toad’s everywhere. There is also a podium, on which Russ T. from Paper Mario stands. Soon, the crowd quiets down)

Russ T.: My brothers and sisters, today, we celebrate the wonderful return of our fair Princess Peach, and Princess Celistar…and mourn the losses of Toadsworth, and Toadbert, BOTH have which, have died. So, let us give a moment of silence for their deaths, and their sacrifices.

(A moment of silence occurs, and then random partying breaks out, and the crowd is soon freaking out again)

(Surprisingly, Celistar is near the center, walking around aimlessly, waiting for the party to end. Suddenly, she runs into a female Toad, who is also milling about.)

Jolene: Why hello Celistar! Nice to meet you here!

Celistar: Oh…hi.

Jolene: Your father was a good friend of mine. He…saved my brother. If you ever need anything…

(Jolene smiles, and then walks away, shy and nervous from parties.)

Celistar: Sigh…my father…

(Memory sequence, Celistar and Mario in the Garden, Celistar is about 7)

Celistar: Daddy…why do you like parties so much? You have so many…

Mario: Cel…parties are a great time to have fun…and…to have meetings…

Celistar: Meetings…?

Mario: Someday, Cel, when you’re 16…it will be Mario Party 13…the most important Mario Party of all…

(Memory ends)

Celistar: Parties…parties…why…why were they so important to him?

(Darkness. It is Bowser’s Castle again, in the Throne Room, where Bowser sits. The Apprentice walks in. His face is hidden by a cloak)

Bowser: Well? Are they all dead? Is the Mushroom Kingdom mine?

Apprentice: (Head down) I have captured a Toad known as Toadbert, and…

Bowser: What about the rest?

Apprentice: They…they…”escaped”…my wand was destroyed…

Bowser: ARGHHH! How could you have failed…two Royal Know-nothings…AND 4 TOADS?

Apprentice: As I said, I have captured a rather intelligent Toad-

Bowser: ARGH! (From out of nowhere, A strike of lighting hits the Apprentice, shocking him in place. He only lets out a single syllable of pain, but it is obvious that the torture is excruciating.)

Bowser: If you hadn’t captured that single Toad, do you realize what your body would look like right now?

Apprentice: IRK.

Bowser: But you must capture the rest of them. No…better yet. You must kill them. Kill them all. Bomb the castle if you must. I don’t care about it. I only want the Kingdom, with the fertile land and grasslands. And I want to see their bodies, everywhere…

Apprentice: ARG (Bowser is slowly increasing the torture)

Bowser: Now, you must go out again. And this time, WITH NOTHING. I knew, my Apprentice, that you took 15 of my moles with you. You will take nothing…except…I shall give you an Lethal Bob-omb. With it, you can bomb the castle, or kill any enemies you wish. Now leave my castle…NOW!

(Using the lightning, Bowser throws the Apprentice a few feet away. He lies, strewn on the ground for a few seconds, and then he bows to Bowser and runs out. Outside, it is dark…and we are back at the Castle. Celistar has been running for hours. Now Penter is talking with her.)

Penter: Cel, I believe it is time we tested your skill.

Celistar: But…I’ve only been “practicing” for a few nights…

Penter: That is true…but the incident on Yoshi’s Island…it shows your power. I believe you are ready for some more interesting challenges.

Celistar: …Like what?

Penter: (Turns away, and looks towards the city) we…are going to rescue Toadbert.

Celistar: WHAT?

Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 7)

How many phases are there!?!?
Re: The Mushroom Kingdom (At Phase 7)

Nerdy Guy said:

I did not expect anyone here to visit TMK. Since this project may last a great amount of Phases, I did not wish to wait to post my story elsewhere, for people who have never even HEARD of TMK. Thus, I am going to continue posting this here, for everyone who is not a member or visitor of TMK.

Second of the Hidden

(It is early morning, the sun is rising. A figure is walking across the dead plains of Dark Land… it is the Apprentice. He is carrying the Lethal Bob-omb on his back. He is grinning, like a corpse.)

(Scene switches to Peach’s Castle. It is still sunrise. Penter and Celistar are standing outside, with small backpacks. It appears that they are about to embark on a journey. Celistar looks uncomfortable.)

Celistar: Penter…this is insane. Saving Toadbert? He’s in Bowser’s Castle! That’s…far away, to say the least.

Penter: Yes, but I am sure that your skills-

Celistar: But no matter what you are “sure of”, the government-including my mother-are going to think that you kidnapped me…they’ll be searching for us…we can’t get far…we-

Penter: You know your mother would never let you leave normally…the state she’s in…I think-

Celistar: I don’t care what you think. She’s fine…she’s just…overly-worried.

Penter: That’s not a real word.

Celistar: That’s beside the point! She-

Penter: Will not wake up until exactly 12:00 this afternoon. After 20 minutes of searching, she’ll order the guards to find you…until she finds out that I’m gone too…I estimate 4:00 this afternoon. We’ll almost be out of Mushroom City by then, and onto the Mush Farmlands. Beyond that, the Kappa River, and then…

Celistar: The Forever Forest.

Penter: By then, they won’t be able to track us.

Celistar: Do you even know the way through the Forever Forest?

Penter: Yes. A long time ago, before you were even born, I was forced to travel through there, and back. I have nearly memorized the way now.

Celistar: Nearly?

Penter: Do not worry. We will make it through.

Penter: …We can’t waste any more time. Let’s go.

(Both run down the hill. Celistar, happy to be away from the stuffy castle, and Penter, ready for a new adventure. The sun rises like a Fast-Forward. Inside Peach’s Castle, Peach is wandering. She continues looking and looking, starting to look desperate. Toadette stops her.)

Toadette: Is there a problem, m’lady?

Peach: Where…is…Celi…star?

Toadette: M’…lady…

(Toadette rushes off, to notify guards. Soon, the entire castle is chaotic. “Camera” Rises to sky. Lowers again, to a large city. Mushroom City. “Camera” moves in to Penter and Celistar, rushing through city. Various species are everywhere.)

Penter: Follow me. There is a shortcut through this alley.

Celistar: Yeah…okay.

Celistar: (Thinking) Suddenly, I was wondering why I had so rashly gone on this adventure. I was glad to be away from the castle…but to be away with a probably crazy Toad…oh well. It all comes with adventure, I suppose.

(Celistar and Penter scurry through the Dark alley, quickly and quietly. Suddenly, a door nearby crashes open, and a Koopa is thrown out of the darkness. After him, comes two more, which immediately attack him. One pulls him up and the other punches and kicks him down. Laughing nastily, they continue to kick him on the ground, as he attempts to get up.)

Penter: (Turns to Celistar) Stay back. I’m going to deal with these jerks.

Celistar: (Nods)

(Penter goes forward, warning the Koopas to stop. They laugh; he attacks them, the usual. He wins, sending them running away. The Koopa on the ground groans.)

Penter: Come on, Cel. We need to get going.

Koopa: Wait…

Celistar: (Turning back) What?

Koopa: What…if they come back? (Stands up)

Penter: (Looks shocked, and then looks mysteriously interested)

Koopa: I mean…I can barely fight…you saw…

Penter: You…are you truly afraid for yourself?

Koopa: Yea…yes. I hate this city. I want to leave…but…

Penter: Do you want to come with us?

Celistar: WHA…t…Penter…are you…?

Penter: We are heading on a journey. We can protect you…as you could us…

Koopa: But…I’m just…Why would you want me?

Penter: I…have a good feeling about you. A special chaos…

Koopa: Er…will you really take me?

Penter: Could you tell me why you are here, first?

Koopa: …Why must you know?

Penter: I need to set some things in order.

Koopa: …Well I shouldn’t be ashamed of it…I’m a refugee. I’ve left the Koopa Kingdom…I’m a citizen…I…

Penter: Do you truly want to leave this city? Now that you are in the safer Mushroom Kingdom?

Koopa: Yes…things are getting violent. The City is getting overcrowded. I want fresh air…but both the city and the Koopa Kingdom have that awful staleness...

Penter: Would you still come with us if we were heading back to the Koopa Kingdom?

Koopa: …No. I hate this place. As long as we are not staying there…I will accompany you.

Penter: No, we are not staying. So, if you are going to come with us, I’d like to know your name.

Koopa: My name…is Wes.

Penter: Interesting. Your name…it does not-

Wes: My name does not start with “K”? Those names are going away, now.

Penter: Interesting…

(A booming sound off in the distance occurs. It is a clock, signifying 3:00.)

Penter: Oh my! Come on, everybody. We need to be out of this city!

(Celistar sighs and Wes simply looks confused. Time jumps to night.)

(The Whole Group (Celistar, Penter, and Wes) are in the Mush Fields. Penter has given up his blankets for Wes. Penter is going to try the ground again. Wes is asleep, but Celistar and Penter are still awake, without a fire, so nobody finds them. They are quietly talking)

Celistar: Why are we bringing this KOOPA with us?

Penter: Cel…this Koopa feels strange. I can feel that certain thing in him…

Celistar: He is a Koopa! He’s-

Penter: Celistar. There are some things that I will tell you some day, but I cannot tell you now. They are things that will twist you the wrong way, unless I tell you at the right time…which is later. One thing I can tell you is that you must NOT hate Koopas.

Celistar: I don’t-

Penter: There are certain people that have certain ideas about different species. Bowser is one. He believes that the Toad’s are simply slaves. I have a good friend who is a Shy Guy, but he still believes that the Shy Guys have a special, destined path, all their own, not sharing it with any other species. Your father…your father had some SLIGHT ideas about Koopas…I believe this may have-

Celistar: No. Shut up. He’s just suspicious. Why was he being attacked? Is he really trustworthy?

Penter: …

(A long moment of silence. Celistar is getting down to the ground to fall asleep, but she asks a last question, first.)

Celistar: Penter…why did you bring this “Wes” anyway? He seems weak…and normal to me.

Penter: (Smiling) Celistar…after Wes’s assault was over; he got up remarkably fast…and that feeling. Celistar…Wes may be a MOD…He might be a Master of Destiny.