Bowser's Challenges


I'm da BOMB!!!!!!
Capture the princess in a jar and put spikes outside of Mario's house and when he runs to save her DEATH!

Nerdy Guy

Send Mario this New Age Retro Hippie poster:

Mario will be hypnotised, then we put him in a Ness costume and have him fight Giygas by himself.

Mario will be killed, then before he can push the restart button we'll smash the SNES, and he will be destroied.

Then we gas the Princess and sneak her into the castle without your mom seeing her. Afterwards we set up a romantic date, then she'll fall for you, Bowser.

If that doesn't work, there is always the forced marrige option.

(Look up Earthbound on Google if you don't understand the Giygas and New Age Retro Hippie jokes)