Paper Mario: TTYD Partner Art

Luigi hc

I decided to draw up my own creations, and, who better to draw then my two favourite partners from my favourite game? No one, that's who. ;)

Here, take a peek. ;D

Like it? :lol:
Wow! These are pretty good! :birdo: the Bobbery one! You're a real 8) drawer!
Thanks. ^^
My dad was once an artist, and, I guess he passed that down to me. =3
No you don't. xD I can draw, but colour's not my thing. I didn't learn to properly colour inside the lines until I was about.... 12. I'm 14. xDDDD
Oh, I don't deny that; in fact just the opposite. I prefer black and white over color.

I just meant I'd like to see it.
Maybe some other time. ;) When I feel more creative, and less lazy. My coloured pencils are all the way in my /backpack/ on the /other side of the room/. D=
All right. No problem. You wouldn't want to see my drawings. I suck, end of story. :P

On a completely unrelated note: You're British, aren't you? I mean, judging from your spelling of colo(u)r.
I'm sure I'd enjoy a good laugh to your drawings, at the least, Monty. ;D

And, no. You have to remember that Canada was once territory of the UK a long time ago, and thus, we here in Canada use their u's often. Nifty, eh?
You don't have to be British to use British stuff.
crispstrousersnotesloosprogrammeshumourlorriesbiscuits blah blah
No, but if you're Canadian, like me, then you do (atleast, I use u's. Can't say I've ever said 'trousers' or 'lorries') xD

EDIT:: I've just recently downloaded a free trial of Paint Shop Pro (11!), and felt the need to.. spruce up the picture a bit. xD

EDIT II:: I've also started playing around with my new free trial (enjoy it while it lasts, right?) and somehow created... this. Enjoy. xD[/img]'re really good at this. I can't draw worth crap....... that Yoshi one was hilarious :lol:
I like 'em. Maybe you'd have fun doing a non-sprite fan comic? Something to think about... I might except that I can't draw Mario characters that well... they end up very stylized and not much like the originals... hey, that might not be bad... I might want to do that...

But back on topic, they are amazing sketches. The really look like the artwork from PM2. Do you have any more sketches, like of your own characters, that you could show us :D
I can draw good Goomba Comics!
Hmmm... I don't think I'd be very good with off-game pictures. Both Bobbery and the Yoshi Kid's poses were sketched from pictures online. I'm not very original, but I can sketch something that I see (depending on how dificult it is. xD).
I'd love to get more pictures up, but, my scanner's broken and I'm back to school now. So, I don't have the time, or the machinery, to do so. ;( Sorry guys.

Thanks for the support though. :)
Oh, wow. o.o I found some an old drawing of mine I did... maybe 5 months ago?

That's my style of drawing. xD
It looks a lot better on paper then it does when I scan it. ;P My scanner's... not good. At all.
I also edited that on the computer a bit for a softer look (again, my scanner = horrid.)

I've also just made my signature picture. ;D I love it. =3