Post Your...Relaxing Techniques


Chain Chomp
Yeah, so I'm sure after a rough day at work, or school, or perhaps you just argued with a User and you want to cheer up. What do you do?

Personally, I like to load up my soundscapes folder, on my computer or on my DS. An hour of rain when I can relax and chill out without getting wet is always nice. <3
I relax just by playing Animal Crossing: City Folk. The game is so clam.
If this was another forum I visit, ha, the replies it'd get.
Anyway, I just listen to one of my many Video Game soundtracks, or play a game.
Normally Fallout 3 since I can do random home invasions and there's no police since they all got nuked.
Since I started turning the computer off, it's made a huge difference in the noise level, it feels even more soothing with the thunderstorm soundscapes and stuff. :3
I tend to play the guitar. It's usually how I learn new songs.
I light some candles, turn on some music, and take a nice bubble bath.

That works 99.99% of the time.
I usually read stuff (including books , yeah), or draw something, although having to work on some comic series also gets tiring (don´t think weird things, I mean comic series of my own). So I just watch some sitcoms or just go out with my friends.
*Listening to Spyro music
*Simply taking a rest after school
*Crack my back... feels refreshing XD
I forgot to mention illustrating. I've came up with some really crazy pictures over a few hours.
Yeah, sometimes I'll draw on my DS in bed. It's kinda fun. :P

Another thing that helps me go to sleep, I notice, is putting on a talk podcast. Depending on the nature of the chatter it actually helps me fall asleep.