Mario Songs


King Bowser
Heres how "Mario Songs" works: The user above lists a song, and the user needs to parody it with Mario terms, then he lists a song: For example: Pretend the user above me said "oops i did it again"
I would sing say something like:
Oops, I squished it again,
the poor goomba

Now its my turn to list the song:
I choose the song "Amish Paradise" by Weird Al Yankovic. If you didn't hear it before, type in "amish paradise" on youtube.
I felt to lazy to look it up. Here goes my making it up.

Just making it up here.........................

Oh, out here, out west, it's
When Mario returns from his quest, it's
Boulevard of Broken dreams.

Mario's driviing across the world
On the Boulevard of Mario Kart.
Where the Delfino Residents Sleep
And Mario's the only one and he drives alone.
Oooh! Oooh!
Mario drives alone, he drives alone. (x2)
His Starman's the only one that walks beside him.
The Starman. That's the only thing thats speedin'.
Sometimes he wishes upon a Whomp to find him.
Untill then Mario drives alone.