YouTube's Video Take-down Fiasco Investigation

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Ok, before you make any smart remarks, I'm going to explain this piece by piece. There are like 10000 puzzle pieces I need to put together and I'm mentally disabled. So seeing a situation like this and combine my mental disability makes it even more difficult to explain out this situation. A full time YouTube surfer who spends his entire day on youtube observes this situation differently compared to a person who spends only 3 or so minutes on youtube. I also had a hard time spreading this news around but more about that later. I believe it began in mid August to early September 2013. I was trying to recall what I was suppose to look up. Soon enough, I find it: "maplestory". I was so happy to finally recall what I was suppose to look up years ago. Soon, I somehow stumbled upon these videos called "MapleStory Short Stories" which are fictional or non-fictional stories created with sprites from MapleStory. One particular video called "A Happy Family?" touched my heart so much, I decided to make a fictional sequel. So I did. Another video called "My Family" was sad to. But I couldn't think up a plot for my potential sequel. But eventually, I think up a story for my sequel plot. But unfortunately, that idea came just a day too late. BANDAI_CO_Ltd blocked it on copyright grounds and now I can't record clips from the original video nor can I download it with a video downloader. Due to this, I'm 2 and a half years behind schedule with my animation productions. Unless a person with hacking skills can download it and send it to my email, I'll have to delay the project even longer and theres no turning back now! I already got the characters and their names memorized as well as the story/plot of both story videos! But days after that video got blocked, things began to go downhill. MS Short Story videos began to disappear 1 by 1 as if my worst nightmare came to life. Then, I recalled something strange and similar happen to one of Annoying Orange's videos called "Arnold SchwarzenEGGer". That video got deleted because it was "Unavailable". So starting at April 2014, I thought its time to get evidence photos of this strange chain of activities I'm noticing, because I can't let anymore strange video take-down events go unnoticed. Soon, it happens again; RIAJ takes down a Planet Tokyo lyrics video from ZeroUnitful's channel. I tried spreading this news, but due to Google's "improvement" to their comments system, I'm getting nowhere flat! Also, if I don't spam on multiple videos, I can't spread urgent news quickly! I tried spreading it physically through my high school to no avail. I talked to my friends at HS and they said "ok". But when I woke up the next day, my views on my investigation videos hardly or didn't rise at all. So I talked to my friends and while talking to one, I asked her "How much longer til your able to view my video?" and she replies "I dunno. Probably forever.". Yeah. I didn't buy that for a minute. :mad: Another group said "Sorry, but we don't use agendas, so we're very forgetful.". I didn't buy that either. My teachers were really helpful in listening. I started with "Have you seen how YouTube's copyright system has gone crazy recently?" One said the line "You should be watching those videos," (refering to the cartoons) "because you can get sued." Yeah, shows how much she knows about the youtube community! Then how am I suppose to recover my childhood?! HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSE TO SPREAD THIS KIND OF NEWS AND GET FAMOUS QUICKLY?! Put up a video of myself doing a suicidal stunt like those wannabe stuntdevils who got famous even after they lost their lives?! I also tried social media websites like twitter and facebook, but that didn't work well either. Anyways, not only are copyrighted tv shows, movies, cartoons, and songs getting involved in this, but innocent youtubers like hickok45 are "getting caught in the crossfire"! Plus, InformOverload "discovered a story of their own to put on their channel". Just look at all my evidence photos I've been collecting for the past 1 and 3 quarter years. Start from part 1 at the top. I'll explain in detail whats happening from parts 1 to 5. By the time you reach part 6, you should be able to figure out the message of each evidence photo for yourself. Remember, there are 5 things to keep in check when viewing my evidence photos. They are 1: the URL (its the ID tag of that specific page); 2: the video title (this will play an important role in the google search box); 3: the date that video was uploaded; 4: the date this evidence photo was captured (it will be on the bottom right corner of the screen/photo); and 5: anything else I might have missed. I thought at first since MapleStory is very popular as well as those Maple Short Stories, combining 2 things into one (the MapleStory theme with my investigation) should get me famous quickly. But somehow, it had the opposite effect. Instead, I got a ton of dislikes. I can't understand why though. Like, MapleStory is very popular and we wanna end this video take-down nonsense. So what am I missing thats needed to get a huge amount of views in short time like major channel such as GameXplain or ZackScottGames? Anyways, here are the current 18 I have. Stay tuned as I have possibly 2 parts left.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Combine the info in the last half of the vid along with part 4, the bit of info in part 14, part 16, and part 18 and you'll understand the whole point)
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 (Even OSTs which is game background music is getting involved in this.)
Part 8 (Ignore the bit of info at the end as it's outdated.)
Part 9 (So were allowed to upload video game footage of 'The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (even in a lego theme animation) but not a Stop Motion Animation 'of a scene from one of the movies?!)
Part 10 (InformOverload is the main victim here. I don't know why, but its outrageous.)
Part 11 (Smosh's "If Cartoons were Real" vid doesn't have any reason to be taken down.)
Part 12 (What does a CHINESE company have to do with a JAPANESE singer despite the fact she isn't a real person?! Also, they clearly don't own any of the songs they sang at the Shanghai Expo!. I guess Chinese comunists really do live up to their reputation. They and the Japanese, plus the internet don't get along very well.)
Part 13 (They are like predators and we are the prey! When the time is right, they pounce.)
Part 14 (See? Gamers are getting their channels killed for no reason and I can only remember by heart that SlyCooperRawks joined in like about 2008. Theres only so much I can do!)
Part 15 (I'm sorry, but how often do you hear the word "Pester" being used as a person's surname? Out of all these HuniePop Uncensored videos, only ONE dies! Don't you find that suspicious?)
Part 16 (hickok45 and Lost Pause are described here.)
Part 17 ("How to get serial keys" is not even a tv show, movie, cartoon, or song. Yet Adobe Systems Incorperated can still claim it as their "copyright"?)
Part 18 (Watching TV shows, movies, and cartoons on youtube is free; but for a price though. You must be within a certain country to watch it. Yeah. We still lose money when we travel to unrestricted countries.)
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