Short Stories


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Here, post your own short stories. I will begin with one I created myself.

Luigi: A Turn to Villainy

One day, Bowser decided to hypnotize Luigi into becoming evil. Kamek went to Luigi's house and knocked on his door. Being naive, Luigi didn't ask who it was and just opened the door. Kamek threw some kind of ball at Luigi. "Ha ha!" said Kamek. "That's the Paralyze Spell, which makes you completely motionless!" Then he started waving his wand in front of Luigi's face. "You are now under my command! I want you to get evil! And wear a mask, too." Then he ran off. What he did not know was that he had given Luigi weird powers in the process. And so Luigi went out into the world to kill stuff. He walked into Goomba Forest, where a Goomba attacked him!

A wild GOOMBA appeared!
What will LUIGI do?
*Fight Run
Bag Pokémon

LUIGI used Psychic!
Wild GOOMBA fainted!
LUIGI gained 30 Exp. Points!

An so Luigi defeated all the Goombas of Goomba Forest using odd powers from Kamek.
Next he went to kill all the Koopas of Kooplains.
Then he went to Mario's house and fought his own brother. "Why-a are you-a doing this-a to me-a?" asked Mario. Then Luigi used his powers to eat the knowledge of his brother. It turned him into...


As a shell of his former self, Luigi became a hermit on the now deserted Yoshi's Island, due to his actions. 2 years later he went and killed Kamek for giving him odd powers. But then, Luigi was no longer hypnotized. So he went home and ate a TV Dinner with bis brother while watching the Toad Talk Show!

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2. I don't have anything certain to say about it your story. I guess it was ok.