Keith's Pit of Doom Series

Introducing my new Super Mario Maker level series, Keith's Pit of Doom. There are currently 4 levels in the series and it will stay like that unless I decide to make a 'Keith's Pit of Doom Season 2'
These levels represent a challenge mixing Kaizo and Puzzle together. On this post you can see overview of the current 4 Keith's Pit of Doom levels, including their level IDs so you can play them :mario: Unfortunately, I won't be able to post pictures of the levels, but if you want to see the levels, play them yourself.

Keith's Pit of Doom: The First
ID: F92A-0000-01DE-6CB3
Keith's Pit of Doom: The First isn't too hard of a level and is good for starters because it has no Kaizo moves.

Keith's Pit of Doom: The Sequel
ID: 8F6B-0000-01DF-DF95
The second instalment has much more time and effort put in. This level has Kaizo and Puzzle and maybe a bit of multitasking.

Keith's Pit of Doom: Keyfest
ID: C7CF-0000-01EE-A176
This one was made right after the 1.40 update which added things like keys and pink coins. Keyfest includes the trampoline wall jumping trick. Keyfest is the only KPoD level to be in the New Super Mario Bros. U theme, the rest are in Super Mario World.

Keith's Pit of Doom: The Finale
ID: 5221-0000-0202-A03F
This is the last instalment for KPoD season 1. This one is extremely hard and took me many hours to complete to upload it. This has a little puzzle but mostly Kaizo and Easter Eggs (Speaking of Easter Eggs, Happy Easter :) ) There is a little message for you if you complete this level.

That's all of them. I'll make a season 2 if I get good feedback on the current levels. I'm currently planning to release one soon, so if you have suggestions, just let me know :)