Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes


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Title explains it all. Anyways, my FC is 4124-9001-8209.

Also, I don't know if there was a general AC:CF topic for FCs and discussing the game, but I assumed that there wasn't a topic for exchanging FCs. So, delete/lock this if there is such a topic.
Im doing a radio show on accf
Friend code:
Fenton Nick

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ParaBob-omb said:
you made a post just saying oh?
In response to the above post, yes.

I don't have the game, so I can't give out a friend code.

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FC: 2879-3771-8204
Town:Sunshine. (I was going to call it Smashville.)

Okay now its all together. (I didn't mean to spread each info on different post. My bad. But now there in order.)

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BTW I have wii speak.
I think my Wii Speak isn't working anymore.