I'm getting notifications on my email about old messages

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
Every time I get a message, I also get an email notifying me about it. Just now, I've received three four emails about messages, even though they're all from a few months ago. Each of the messages say that they're from today, but that's plainly not the case. I'm not even received anything in my forum inbox; it's only with my email. They all seem to be from the same general period, sometime during Award Mafia V, but it's still weird. I don't think I've toggled anything that would cause this. Would anyone happen to know why?

edit: make that five
lol same

mine are all about awards mafia v

im going to die
Some old emails got stuck and now we're releasing them all at once as part of a viral marketing campaign to get people talking!